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Help! Dylan ignores his daddy!!!

Hi girls,

The past week or so Dylan has started to ignore his daddy and will not smile for him. Hubby is getting really upset as soon as he picks him up he starts to winge and cry, but when i walk over he starts to smile! If hubby has him on his knee he will just look and me or look anywhere else apart from hubby!! I feel well bad for hubby.
Any ideas to help Dylan and his dad bond better?xxx


  • take heart my lo is doing the same he just stares at me if he is with daddy - i think it must just be a phase because they see us more and feel safe with us - my dh does the bath when he isnt at work and lo loves bathtime with daddy and hates it with me as he is used to daddy ! Sorry not much help but wanted you to know its not just your lo xx
  • It is a phase and is supposed to start around 13 weeks where baby might become distressed when Mum leaves the room etc. James has always watched me while with his Dad but if I am not in the room he is fine. All I can think is to increase the amount of 1 to 1 time they spend - my hubby takes James off into the bathroom and gets him ready for bed without me, he spends a good half hour just chatting away with him and then gives the last bottle - I come back and jpin in for story time. Its also hard for people to really interact with babies without feeling silly so maybe left alone he might be more animated and get Dylan's attention. Your poor hubby : ( mine used to say James hated him! I am sure it will pass xx
  • Freya has started to be really funny with Daddy too! Since 8 weeks (she's now nearly 15weeks) he has helped with bath the done bottle and bed EVERY night and suddenly this week she has decided she doesn't fancy tht anymore and screams and screams til she gets mummy or falls asleep exhausted! It has come at the same time as her not wanting he bedtime bottle since she's so tired so maybe she just wants me because when she gets overtired its me she turns to for comfort. Just get him to persevere as hard as it is. Hubby was in tears nearly because he couldn't calm her down but has carried on trying everynight and tonight it seemed to work and he got her to bed xx
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