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This heat

Sorry if this has already been covered.

I just want to know I am not the only one who is being pragmatic about the temp.

My BD Ella is a week old today, and the coolest our home has been in 26dc . . . . it is juts not possible to make it cooler without buying air con. fans just circulate the warm air and I have all the windows open.

I am pretty much letting her live in vests, perhaps a sleep suit at night or a muslin over her in a vest to keep the breeze off.

I am sure she is fine, I think she would be letting me know if not (but have only known her a week and we are stil sussing each other out) . . . . people all over the world have babies in the blazing heat right....

I do not want to obsess over this and let it take me over.

Any thoughts?



  • i figure we are doing the best we can but ultimately it is hot and unless we go and live in the 24hr tesco then there's not much else we can do about it

    we have a portable ac unit, cooler unit and fans but the lowest we can get the temp is 22 degrees and that's at night time

    we are keeping him in a vest too with a v lightweight sheet over at night (mostly just to let him know it's bed time!)

    hubby is v worried about it but i keep telling him we just do the best we can and not to stress too much
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