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bit fed up - mastitis again and constant crying ;(

hI guys - feeling a bit fed up as Freya is now 3 weeks and ive got mastitis again so am on antibiotics for the second time sinc she was born image feel really rubbish.

Also she really doesnt like sleeping at night. last night she cried constantly from 5pm to 4am. I fed her every 2 or 3 hours and she fed for 30-40 mins each time and just seemed to be constantly wanting more. Poor hubby stayued up with her from 12 til 4am and let me sleep, but really worried that this will continue next week when he goes back to work as he wont be able to help as much. Not sure if its just the heat, a growth spurt, or if i dont have enough milk for her. Weird though because this monring at 7.30 she only fed for 15 mins and then went back to sleep again instantly.


  • Hiya hunni

    Sorry to hear you're having a bad time but try to hang on in there. Emily is nearly 3 weeks old and we had the same thing with her crying etc 2 nights ago - seemed to last forever. But yesterday and last night were great - she fed every 3-4 hours overnight and we got good sleep at last.

    It will get better. Once the Mastitis has gone, how about expressing to take some pressure off you - also you'll know that Freya is getting the right milk.

    My MW was telling me that the first part of the milk is called "fore" milk which is watery and the second part is called "hind" milk. She thinks that Emily was only getting the fore milk for latching on improperly and it was giving her wind which turned into Colic so we bought some infacol! We call it 'miracle juice' :lol:

    Since using it - she's been 75% better at sleeping and feeding.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  • hi YummyMummy79
    thanks very uch for the post. freya was much better yesterday so maybe she was just having abad day ( &night!) we've been giving her infacol for abut a week now. Not sure whether its working or not but she seems to like the taste. As soon as we give it to her she licks her lips and stops crying - probably becuase she knows shes getting boob next! Mastitis a bit better today thank goodness.

  • oh hon, i've had mastitis twice too, its awful. my mw said not to express when you had it as that would stimulate milk making it worse. my lo slept last nite for the first time, but i swaddled him and think that helped. glad your better today xx
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