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How much formula does your baby have in 24hours?

Hi ladies,

I am sure Dylan is having far too much formula compared to other babies! He is 12 pound and having about 34oz to 36oz in 24 hours at 10 weeks. He has gone massive!

So any hoo i went on google to find how much i should be feeding him and i stumbled aginat a couple of site saying that you shouldn't give your baby more than 32oz per day as it can thin the blood or something! This was the first time i have heard of this!!!


'As a general rule, you should add 3 ounces to your baby's age in months, to determine the amount of formula consumed on an every 4-hour schedule (until she sleeps through the night). Thus, at one month your baby will take 4 ounces, at two months 5 ounces, and so on. When your baby wants to consume more than 32 ounces of formula per day (usually by 4 to 5 months), she should be ready to supplement her diet with solid foods. Whole cow's milk should not be introduced until at least 10 months of age.

How much milk are your LO's taking? I am i just worrying for no reason?lol gona check with HV tommorrow xx

Gemma x


  • The health visitor advised me that babies should have about 2.5oz per pound in body weight so Oliver at 11lb should be having 27.50z in 24 hours
  • Lily has around 31oz a day.
    Half of which is hungry baby milk.
    I wouldn't worry yourself... The kind of rubbish I read on the internet is hilarious! If your LO is eating that much and is content, then clearly they need that much.
  • first of all step away from the computer and ignore google as:

    1) all babies are different
    2) guidelines are just a guide
    3) about 30-35(ish)ozs per day (based on weight) is sufficent at this age...

    Megan is over 13lbs and she takes between 32 and 36oz depening on what kind of day she is having - she has 5 bottles usually an 8oz first thing, then another 8oz 3-4hours later then 3 hours later about 5or 6oz ans the same about 3hours after that then up to 8oz before bed..

    she sleeps through the night and i think she is working up to dropping down to 4 bottles...if you were gigving too much formula your baby would just get heavier and possibly over wight with time but it wont thin their long as you are following your babies feeding queues and feeding say 3-4 hourly etc then you wont over feed them and your baby should be sick if you do...

    say to your hv to put your mind at rest but seriously dont worry!

  • phoebe takes between 20 and 30 oz's a day so really varies she also sleeps through and only has 5 bottles a day. i beleive babies will take what they need but if your worried talk to your health visitor hun
  • Step away from google :lol: For a start its 12 months for cows milk not 10 lol.

    Anyway my little one is 9 weeks old and was 11lb 7oz at 7 weeks old (haven't had him weighed for 2 weeks but im guessing he is well over 13lb) he takes about 36-40oz a day! he feeds every 4 hours taking 7oz and then has a dream feed and a night feed! xx
  • Lyla is 12 weeks old and is stil on 6oz bottles and only manages 4 bottles a day because she's sleeping through..she sometimes doesnt drink the whole 6oz on each feed...i was worried she wasnt getting enough but HV said its fine! Im sure if baby needs it then its not gona be a problem! xx
  • Samuel is 8+2, and weighed 10lbs 9oz last week. He usually takes anywhere between 25oz and 34oz a day, depending on the day he's having! He usually takes a 5oz bottle every 3 hours, but has recently started taking more 7oz bottles, and this is all hungry baby milk!! I've got a chunky monkey on my hands!!
    But every baby is different, so don't worry hun.
  • Bella is 12+3 and when last weighed 11lb 3 which was 3 weeks ago she takes between 20-25oz a day she won't take more than 5oz and goes 4 hours between bottles and through the night.
  • harry is 10+2 now and has 5 or 6x 6oz bottles a day practically all hungry baby and sleeps straight thru the night usually 7-7.30-6am. i got him weighed at 8wks wen he had jabs and he was 12lb 6 so reckon he's gotta be getting on for 14lbs now. he obviously is needing that much milk to sustain his growth else he'd just be chucking it straight back up at you! as for google....i learnt with ds1 never to google else you'll just get urself worked up and stressed which'll be no good for dylan.

  • Aww thanks ladies, i will step away from google i promise. I think it seems that he is taking more milk because he is constantly snacking.... sometimes he will have just 3oz and sometimes he will have 7oz. I am forever makng bottles up!!! He is a stubbon little boy once he has decided thats enough, then he will just keep pushing the bottle with his tongue! I think it i could just get more down him in the day then he will sleep through at night. Yesterday he has 25oz in the day and 10oz at night!

    Thanks again xx
  • George is 12 weeks, last weigh in (2 weeks ago) he was 14lb 8oz and he is having 6 feeds a day, I make up 6oz bottles he drinks about 5oz

    I would say he has around 30floz of milk a day
  • My girl is 5 months old and has 25 to 30 Oz of Mill a day. But at the moment is teething so finding it hard to get milk down. She has taken 20 to 24 Oz the past two days so am worried. Gonna see the health visitor Tommoro. Anyone else struggled gettin milk down their baby due to teething xx

  • My lb is just over 3 months old and has 6 8oz bottles (48oz of Hungry milk)and sleeps through the night  is this to much though as he is now licking everything and eating his hands is he ready for solids 

  • My baby is 4 months old and he was drinking 7-10 8 oz bottles of formula a day. I have been called a shit mom cuz I listened to his pediatrician who told me to lessen his formula intake to 34 oz a day and start solids. Was I alright to do so??

  • We've had a horrible few weeks. My 9 weeks old (5weeks premature) woke up in the middle of the night choking-milk coming out of everywhere. He went blue and stiff as a board. He was eating between 26 and 34 ounces a day-we feed on demand. The paediatrician in AandE said we were over feeding him and to reduce his feeds immediately using the calculation-kg x 150ml in 24 hours. We felt awful and did as we were told (as well as let him sleep on his side-no more grunting or sucking up and sleeping much longer!!). We had a horrible couple of days where our baby cried and cried out of hunger. We did everything but it was only food we wanted. Asked the Hv and she made uss feel worse-we were starving our baby! I didn't know what to do.

    We've gone back to feeding on demand and he still eats way more than the paed said but now he wants even more. 7 ounces every 2-3 hours. He wakes up for food at night once or twice. I don't care how often he wakes I just never know how much to make and how much to let him have  

    What should we do?! I don't want to go onto hungry baby milk as he already has problems with painful poos. 

    Thank you in advance! 

  • Yep my little girl just turned 6 months was having 30-36 oz a day last couple days that gone done to bout 21 ozs so bout 3 1/2 every 4 hours. Anymore and she tends to bring a bit up either teething or slight bug but got a feeling its teething lots pink cheeks sucking on things

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