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feed after bathtime help !

hi ladies just wondered if anyone has any advice - my lo is so tired by the time he has had his bath that he doesnt want to take his bottle , we have to rock him to sleep then pop the bottle in for him to drink it - any ideas on how to get him to take his bottle ? Xx


  • I have just bought James bedtime earlier by 1/2 hour as he was getting too tired. He still sleeps the same, doesnt wake any earlier x
  • I used to have this problem too.
    First Lily was too tired to even take the bottle in her mouth, so I let her have a nap from 5 to 5:30PM (her bedtime is 7PM), and then after that Lily would scream everytime the bottle was put in her mouth because she was still tired but only wanted her dummy to soothe her. We've gotten rid of the dummy now and feeding has become a lot easier. (And she only wakes about once a night now, rather than waking every half hour for me to give her her dummy again.)
  • We are having this problem too! She has been sleeping for half hour to an hour at about half 4 / 5 then bath at half 6 and bed at 6.45 but this last few nights she has not wanted her bottle and has screamed and screamed until we put her down and let her sleep! I got her to feed last night but if hubby tries she's having none of it. Tonight she woke at 9.45 to becasue she had only had 3oz since 4.30
    Sorry thats no help but you not alone xx
  • thanks ladies , wow i never knew this part of looking after a baby would be so hard !! More sleep before his bath i think xx
  • Megan doesnt nap much during the day (45 mins in the morning and 20-30 mins in the afternoon and sometimes she skips these if we are out and about although sometimes car/pram makes her sleep more she is quite variable) anyway she has a bath at 7.30pm bottle at 7.45 and is in bed, story and lights out by 8.30 (she is usually awake but sleepy when we leave the room and wriggles but is settled and most nights is asleep by 9pm however she has a nap (usually just in her swing or moses basket so not a deep sleep) about 6.30 usually just for 20 or 30 mins but that seems to help keep her awake enough for bottle or feed and she sleeps til between 8 and 9.30am (she doesnt feed overnight but has been a bit unsettled recently and does wake up upset i think its teething as teething gel and she goes back over)

    Waffling sorry but it might be an idea to try letting him have a brief nap (if he will) about an hour or so before you start his bath.

    good luck x
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