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Anxiety and bad dreams

I am so happy since having James and whilst there have been tears and times I have felt exhausted I am enjoying being a Mum far more than I even thought possible. He is a wonderful boy and I feel very lucky...but then horrible anxious thoughts creep into my head about bad things happening to me/us as a family/him. I am also having bad dreams about fire and how I try to get him out of the house, and another bad dream where I wake up and someone is leaning over his cot and I cant stop them, I dont know what they are going to do because I always wake up sweating but its horrible. I also worry about cot death and I think he would sleep better in his own room but I cant face putting him in there yet. When I think of bad things I feel so guilty because everything in my life is good, why am I worrying about things that I dont need to worry about. What is strange is that I have only just started to feel like this, sometimes it brings me to tears. Does anyone else worry like this? xx


  • Aww hun, I wish I could give you a hug! I think it's only natural to worry about cot death, it's so plugged into us as new mums that if we don't do this, that or the other our babies will burst into flames, blah blah blah. Your dreams seem to represent your overwhelming desire to protect your son, our dreams are just taken from everyday things and filing our memories so to dream about protecting and loving your son is natural too.

    I have always played out terrible scenarios in my head, it's particularly bad when I'm driving, people ploughing into me or tumbling into ditches, I'm a nervous passenger and this stems from my husband having an accident over 2 years ago where he narrowly missed a tree and somersaulted the car, from skidding on mud when it was also very cold. I can't help it when I'm going up the stairs to imagine William's face all blue cos he's stopped breathing or something horrible, if he falls asleep on our bed after a feed I move all the pillows in case he wiggles around and then suffocates....I imagine all kind of horrible things but then I have to listen to the voice in my head (my hubby's hehe) telling me not to be silly!

    You are not alone hun xxxx
  • I've never been much of a worrier tbh and had Freya in her own room from 8 weeks etc but have had the odd VERY disturbing dream (so much so i can't even write it down) and every day i imagine walking into her room in the morning and finding someone in there with her?!
    I think it's just a Mummy thing xx
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