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Is anyone else getting really stressed because of the heat?
I mean, the heat itself isn't stressing me out, it's the fact that the heat is making Lily all groggy and she keeps crying and constantly wanting water. So tiring!


  • I know what you mean hun. Emily has a bit of colic and she gets herself wound up crying which makes her even hotter!!! Although I am grateful that I'm not still pregnant in this heat - must be unbearable...

    I think we will have rain soon though - so that might clear the air! Either that or I'm going to buy a paddling pool and move in there! :lol

    Emily Helena - 19 days old x
  • Im glad im not still pregnant in this heat it must be hell for those june mummys still waiting. Have found Harry isnt too bad in the heat its my 2yr old thats suffering bless him. Have got fans on windows open and nothing seems to be cooling the house down. dont think its been below 27*c since i came home from hosp on monday!

    Harry 5days. xx
  • Isabella's gone clingy today, the coolest we can get our room at night is 25c. we are going to try giving her boiled water today, she's gone from wanting her bottle every 4-5 hours to every 3.
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