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I am soo tired :-(

Hi girls

I really can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, i feel soo tried. I know most junie babies are sleeping through now but dylan is nowhere near!

Because i am soo over tired i am now struggling to get to sleep. I didn't sleep until 12 last night and i woke up at 10, 1 and 4 ( and then he was wide awake). He has been waking up at these times for well over a2 months now. I have tried giving him his dummy and water etc at nigt but he wants milk. The problem is i struggle to get more than 5oz per feed down him in the day, he will go 3-4 hours between feds, but by bedtime he only has about 25oz in 24 hour period, and he needs 35oz in 24 hours. i would love it is he could sleep until 4!!! I know he can take more milk because he has taken 10oz in a feed before! He is nearly 14 weeks and is 15lb 2 oz.

Its really getting me down now, i have hardly stepped thorugh the door this week as i am soo tried and i am getting dizzy with the lack of sleep too. But then i feel gulity for not taking dylan out and making more of an effort with him. I was ment to go to baby and todlers today but only had 4 hours sleep soi didn't go.

No need to reply just getting it out of my system.


  • Oh no you must be exhausted hon, how does he sleep in the day? Interesting he has woken at the same times for so long, I dd hear something but have no idea if it will work. One mum at a group I went to said you need to break their routine - so if he wakes at 10, 1 and 4, try waking him up yourself at 9 and 12 for example and see what happens. This Mum said it worked for her and she then was able to implement her routine. ???
    James is the same if he wakes - he just wants milk and there is no way of not giving it to him, plus it does sound like Dylan needs the milk. Have you tried maybe feeding him more often in day? maybe every 2.5 hours - when James gets out of routine I feed him again sometimes after just 2 hours and he will take it, then im back on track - because I worry if he misses a feed he will wake up in the night. I know you are exhausted but if he does something really energetic like swimming he might be extra hungry and take more? I have no idea really but it seems like maybe you need to break the habit somehow. Also you absolutley have to sleep when he does, I went through 2 weeks of actually getting back into bed every time I put James down for a nap - every little helps, and if he will sleep better on you like James will on me then do it to catch up on some zzz's. Anyway, everything I have said may be useless but you are not alone xx
  • hey hun,
    He has about 3 naps in the day, the last 2 days he has woke up at 8 had milk then went back to sleep at 9.30 for 1.5 hours. Apart from that he has two 30 mins naps. Good idea about feeding him more often. I gave him a bottle at 12 he had 5oz then i waited 30mins and he had the rest!! Maybe he justs needs a break to finish it off. I worked out he is only having 4 bottles in the day and is only having 5oz each so this is clearly not enough for him. His dad will get up in the night tonight to feed him so i will get a rest. I really want to take him swimming so we might go tommorrow. He has slept from 7-4 this was weeks ago, so i know he is capable of sleeping longer and last week he wake 2 then 6, but he always goes back to the 1 and 4 cycle!!
    Thanks for replying!xxxxxx
  • Hey BG, yeah it is hard going to sleep. I need something to knock me out lol!! Roll on weaning time!!xx
  • I second that. I cant wait to fill James up with food! but then he will prob just refuse it and it will be the same!! I always find if I give him a break I get more in him, like today he would have been one feed short so I have given him the extra feed in little bits in between his others! Who ever knew being a mum was so complicated!! x
  • I am still doing 3 night feeds too . . . I have no concept of Ella ever 'sleeping through' . . . I have no idea how I can achieve this if I feed on demand.

    She goes down at about 7.30 and stays in bed until 7.00am, but will feed 3 times within this, not always at the same times though so I don't think it is habitual. . . I am lucky as she self settles almost straight after each of these feeds so am not complaining, just want you to know you are not the only one, lots of babies will not go straight through at this stage.

    I am EBF too btw....

  • I had a similar problem, I went through a 2 weeks period when I really struggled to get his milk down him and he would only take 3-4oz per feed and only 4 times a day, when he was needing 6oz 5 times aday! I had the hv out and decided he was getting fustrated during feeds and getting too tired. Feed times had become stressful as he would cry get agitated. I put him onto a fast flow teat so he didn't have to work too hard and since then he takes between 5-70z per feed. He tends to go 3-4 hourly during the day depending on how well he's napped. To ensure he gets his 5 feeds a day now what I do is cluster feed in the evening to ensure he his 5 feeds a day. I feed him at 5pm and then again at 7pm (his betime feed). After doing this for about 5 days he has slept through, 7am-6.30-7am and has done ever since!! xx

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  • Hey,

    Poor you. It sounds like you are doing a good job and giving him what he needs so just hold on in there. I know it seems impossible but he will sleep through.
    Have you tried a bigger teat on the bottle? I know it may sound silly but my son was bottle fed and after trying everything to get him to sleep longer at night we upped the teat size on his bottle and suddenly he started eating more during the day. He was having to suck too hard and was basically tiring himself out so he didn't finish his bottles.
    Just a thought.

    Good luck
    Groomy x
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