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fao lauz41

Hiya chick,

I saw your repost in baby about dummies, and just thought I'd reply in here as I didn't want to get into the dummy/ no dummy debate.

I'm not a big fan of dummies, so our intention was not to use them, when Callum's reflux was bad we did resort to trying him with a tommee tippee orthodontic one, but he literally spat it across the room! He has always sucked his fingers and was born with a wee callous! He now always sucks his fist to sleep but the last few days his wee fingers have been red as his teething has cranked up a lot (he's had wee buds for weeks now but its starting to get worse) when he chews on my finger its sore!

We had nuby ice keys but they, like you say, are way to big for him to hold image so we now have:
a nuby bug ring - he loved this today but still hard for him to get to his mouth™-Bug-a-loop™_1113793/

so I've now got a mam ring which looks fab, its got a clip to attach to it - like a dummy clip so fingers crossed this will work tomorrow

and I've also got some tommee tippee stars that go in the fridge, that he may be able to hold
(can't find a link but like these)
these look super for a girl - nothing like them in our local boots

not sure if i've helped you at all but know its tricky without a dummy to find something they can chew, will let you know how he gets on with the new ones tomorrow!


  • hi,

    thanks for replying..

    i really wasnt meaning to start a debate on dummies or anything its just that i personally dont like that and dont want to use one espec after coming this far,,,,

    i like those wee boots ones i saw them online but they didnt have them in store so i have done an omline order for some other things too...

    i have the tommee tippee ones you showed - i havent used them yet so dont know if she will be able to hol dthem or not but i forget my aunt put them in a big hamoer she made me after her birth (with bits of everything all the way from birth to a year in it lol) it says you can only use a cold water steriliser with them but im going to wash them in boiling water which should kill and germs then put them in the fridge to cool and try them then - what do you do for steriliser the teething things?

    How is Callum getting on? Megans wee cheeks are all red as she keeps rubbing them image

  • just wondered how you got on with a teether - the tommee tippee ones Megan was holding (just) but not bringing to her mouth i think they are still a bit big so struggling for something for her to use?

  • Hiya, I've just seen this, we've been using the mam one with him, its fab as he can grip it and put it in his own mouth and he seems to be liking a bit of a chew on it. It also has a clip so it can be attached to him (like a dummy clip) Like you say the tommee tippee ones are just a little too big for him. I've just been washing them in hot soapy water, as I'm bf we don't sterilise much ans just have a small microwave one which they can't go in.

    Hope wee Megan isn't suffereing too badly, teething is horrible image

  • i am going to get the mam ones then seen as they seem to be working for you...i saw them in boots before so will go in tomorrow and get them.

    i just use hot soapy water too as they cant go in the steam steriliser but i pour boiling water on them which should kill any germs.

    Yeah its horrible....he's ok not too bad most of the time but im dreading it 'properly' starting. Its horrible for them as it hurts when wisdom teeth are coming through for us nevermind their wee tiny mouths and they don tunderstand...its hard seeing them upset and in pain too image

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