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FAO Lauz41

Hi, Sorry but I gatecrashed your other post!! Noticed your from Scotland and were talking about a meet- I'm from Glasgow! If there is going to be a meet would you let me know? My son was due on 25th June but was born 2nd July so technically I'm a July mummy but have stayed in June!!

Daffodil & Andrew 10w+4days xxx


  • hiya,

    im in glasgow too! (my little one is 12+5 already today!)

    im planning with meeting up with gash02 & Caleb and myfirstbump &Noah who is visiting nat end of october (if this is still the case girlies?)

    jellytots is also Scottish but she is further up north im sure?

    Anyway do you want to email me and i can keep you updated that way?

    Laura & Megan xx
  • Thanks Lauz41, I;ve emailed you

  • got it and replied xx
  • I'm in Inverness! so far away but will let you know when I'm next down in your neck of the woods, I should be down in November so we could maybe arrange a bigger scottish meet then?
  • sounds cool x
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