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Hi hun

I've spent ages looking for a post from you, couldn't for the life of me remember what month you were due :roll:

Anyway, just wanted to see how you and bump are??

There's a few of us that used to post in the TTC after mc section that have made a little FB group, if you'd like to join just let me know xx


  • I've been looking for b.o.b too - so if you get to read this hun - hope you are ok and taking it easy, let me know how you are. I am back in TTC now and hoping to post some good news soon!xxx
  • Hi Huni and WT! Sorry I don't come in DIJune much now as most of the people are on FB and I'm not on there. Lovely to hear from you both, thanks for looking me out! I'm doing OK, although it's been a tough month, dh got let go from his job a few weeks ago and my grandmother died suddenly last week so she won't get to meet her granddaughter which is sad as of course she has seen me go through all the mc's etc. DH and I are still trying to get his severance sorted out with the company but we're hoping to have that resolved soon.

    Anyway on a brighter note all seems to be going well, I am being monitored very closely now, twice a week I have NST's - contraction and HB traces - and once a week I have a full scan and all seems well so far. I'm 36w today and they are going to deliver her on June 2nd assuming she doesn't try and appear before that image I have been having irregular contractions so we're just keeping an eye on that!

    How are things with you Huni? WT I still look out for you in TTC and talk with the Golden Girls in TTC too. I'm hoping to see some news from you soon WT.
  • Good morning hun, I am so so sorry to hear of the loss of your Grandmother, thoughts are with you and also sorry to hear your DH has lost his job, just what you needed!!!

    On the positive side of things you seem to be getting the possible care, must be very re-assuring. You haven't got long to go now!! Will you be having a c-section or natural birth?

    I'm ok ta, think i'm having implantation bleeding as I'm not due on til sunday and this is what happened with my last 2 bfps...fingers crossed I have a healthy sticky bean making itself comfortable. I'm back in ttc and we haven't had many bfps lately but Wispa_x got hers!!! Isn't that great! Hopefully it'll kick start them all again. xxx
  • Hi WT, I think I saw that Wispa got her BFP, really great! I hope this is implantation for you, how many dpo are you and when will you test??? I always tested at 9 or 10dpo, before af was due, very naughty but I couldn't help myself image You know it's funny when you're ttc it's a nightmare waiting and waiting each month but when your pg you kind of miss it if that makes sense? :roll: I think it's all the build up and excitment each month.....

    I'll be having a CS, I considered natural but the doc is not too keen on it given my history and problems and so I weighed it up and thought well I've got this far why take any risks now. So CS it is, dh wasn't keen on natural either for the same reasons, he was worried something would go wrong at this point with one or both of us. I'm not looking forward to the first few days after as I have heard it can be very painful but I'll get through it image It's exciting but also very nerve racking having waited so long image

    We're pretty much ready now; nursery is done, bag is packed, we have a last minute list of things to grab on the fridge and we've done our classes so nothing to do but wait now! image
  • I've done nothing but smile all the way through reading that reply!

    I'm 8dpo now / CD 23-24. I am just as naughty with testing early (as you know!) and have an awful poas addiction BUT I am not testing until the weekend, just ordered some CBD tests from Amazon and they won't arrive til at least saturday...If it is my bfp I'll have to get some cheapys to satisfy the urge! :lol:

    I'm pleased you have gone with the CS, that'll be so much better for you, I'm sure hubby will make sure you have plenty of rest. Its surprising how quick the midwives get the mums up and mobile now after a CS, the stay in hospital also isn't that long now is it?! I'm so excited for you, lovely summer baby! xxx
  • G/C - nice to see you BoB - I had been wondering where you are too. Not long to go now!! Zxx
  • Yeah right WT like you'll be holding out until the weekend, I'm going to keep an eye out in ttc! image I'll give you until Thursday at the latest! image I hoping to be out of the hospital within 3 days, 4 at the most, at least that will give me time to get up and around a bit! My Birthday is the Thursday following so I definitely want to be home by then!

    Hi Z - I've been keeping an eye on you too hunny in DIJuly! I'm mostly over in DIMay now as all the Junies were on FB, which I don't do. Not long for you either - how do you feel about it? Nervous like me??? :roll:
  • Ha ha dammmn! And there was me thinking I was convincing everyone! Lol, been on here too long obviously. The implantation has turned heavier so I'm thinking it could be more of an early af but I'll test regardless as it is my weekend out and will want to know for sure.

    I think 3 days is the norm now, would be lovely for you to be out in time and more mobile for your birthday, your first birthday as a mama! Too sweet! Are you counting the days to the birth? Have they booked you in or do you wait until you start labour naturally? Xx
  • They book me in and then if I happen to go into labour before hand they will see how things are going but the doc already said if I am not too far gone they will still deliver via CS. Still getting the odd contraction but nothing like last week! I'm kind of counting days, more like events though, like things that need to happen or I will do before then! I have to say as it gets closer it's getting scary, 10yrs with just dh and I and now a little person will soon be with us!!!

    So are you using ov sticks/cbfm at the moment? Do you know when you ov'd for sure as it would be very early for af :roll: I have my fingers crossed it's implantation image
  • Hi BoB - wow - you get to see your little one on June 2nd!! That's really not that far away now. Yes, I too am getting a little nervous!! Still.... a few more weeks for me... unless she decides to come early!!!

    I finish work in just under 3w now - thank god! Everything is becoming too much effort!!

    Keep in touch - hubby says your little Gemini will have the best star sign!! But then he is biased, being one himself!!

    Love Zxx
  • No I don't use any opk's etc, just rely on the iPeriod tracker and go by cm. I am thinking I will probably test tomorrow - the urge is getting too strong now...Especially since my (.)(.) are a bit sore and had a break out of spots!!! Not happy about that one! (make that 5!!)

    The ttc group isn't as busy or as chatty as it used to be, think everyone holding out til we land in a D.I forum image

    Are you having Braxton Hicks? Have you got your pram/pushchair? Which one did you go for? 10years alone together will all change but for the better and its going to be so great for you both. xx
  • So has the bleed stopped now? All the symptoms sound promising, I have my fingers crossed for you!

    Yes I brought the pushchair a while ago when I got it at a huge discount! I didn't go too mad with it as knowing me I will get bored and want a new one so I got the Graco quatro tour sport - pretty run of the mill but it's sturdy but not too heavy to get in and out of the car.

    I guess the contractions I've had are BH's as they haven't escalated yet, it makes dh very nervous when I start to get them though :lol:

    Z - my birthday will be 6 days after hers so I agree Gemini is the best but also we can be a handful so we'll see how that works out! I feel for you having to work still, it gets quite tough near the end, only 3w to go though image
  • I had a Graco when Chloe was born and I loved it, was so easy to push and a doddle to fold! I only changed as had to move back in with mum and it took up a lot of room but when Chloe was a bit older I went back to a Graco - they had a slimmer pushcair with the one had fold and again I loved it!

    The bleeding is very intermittent, strange. My boobs hurt and feel bit spaced out, nothing new with that one I suppose. Im gonna test in the morning, eeeek. I have NO self-control. None. Zilch.

    Ha you want to wind hubby up a bit - I want to get to that stage and make him jump off the sofa a few times! :lol:

    All in the name of fun, make the most of it image

  • Oh can't wait to hear what your HPT says in the morning!! Keep in mind though it's not all over until af shows in full if it's a BFN - I had one BFP that was later than the others so there is always hope if it is a BFN! I have my FC'd for you though image
  • so sorry I missed this, I didn't get notified of any replies :evil:

    so sorry to hear of your loss BoB and really hope your hubby has found something else, times are really tough aren't they image

    But I'm sure your little one makes all the struggles worthwhile! xx
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