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How are we all doing?

Hi there,

Just thought we would see how everyone is getting along, we have the nursery all done, the car seat and base are in the new car ready, hospital bags all packed, and midwife happy with progress still.

Bumpy has now come out of breech position, and is measuring spot on this week for his size, so all good progress!

Now into my 2nd week of annual leave (of 4 weeks then mat leave starts) and am very grateful for the rest periods!

Also has given me time to get everything in order at home...


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  • Well Nursery is done bar a couple items, bags packed and im definately ready image

    head is engaged 3/5 and im hoping my little prince will be out soon.

    I finished work just over a week ago, with time owing start my mat leave in 2 weeks.

    Hope everyone is doing well


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  • Same here really, nursery and bags are ready, car seat is in and I have 10 days left until my C section! Lots of BH's and very uncomfortable though as she is sitting so low down now. I was 1cm dilated a week ago and I expect they'll check me tomorrow at my appointment as I had 5 hrs of contractions last week which stopped suddenly! Not long now girls!!!
  • Same with me, everything ready! Induction booked and flights booked for aberdeen( i have to give birth there instead of home because my 2year old was ill when born) Just precaution though image Parents at the ready for childminding when hubby and i are south. Just feel so tired and uncomfortable but really excited now. Hope everyone else is all doing good xxx
  • Fantastic news girls, best of luck to all of us when the time comes, so exciting! Hope everyone arrives safely and in good health, and can't wait to know that everyone is busy enjoying cuddles and snuggles all back safe and sound at home! Take care everyone xx
  • well all set to go, 16days till my provisional section date, i get my definate date tomorrow at the consultant but i cant see it changing, Nursery all done hes sharing with his sister, Hospital bag all packed, re-packed and double checked, lol. cant wait not getting to the uncomfy stage now feeling very heavy, baby is measuring big so that could be why..............he was measuring 39.5wks at my 36wk check they estimated a weight of 9lb with the estimate of 10-10.5lb at birth but my others were all 9lb+ so was expecting another big one,lol.Were still undecided on his name yet hubby has picked 3 and were just going to pick when he's here between -

    Theo Oscar Booth

    Oscar Theo Booth

    Harvey Oscar Booth

    Glad everyone is doing well.

  • I still love Harvey Funshine!
  • Thank BOB, its so hard hubby changes his mind like his knickers,lol. he's had different favriouts every day this week, im just hoping he looks like a ........... haha.

  • 4 weeks to go - 2 weeks till i start maternity on the 10th can't wait.

    totally not organised - need to pack my hospital bag, put base in car, set up moses basket etc!!!!!

    have been to collect some things from my mothers house as she has kept everything in the attic since i had my son!

    Hope this baby does not come early as i am totally unprepared!!!!!
  • Iv just got back from the consultant today and baby boy will be making his apperance via c-section on 9th June 2011 2 weeks tomorrow. excited hope these last 2weeks go as quickly as the the first 37weeks seem to have gone.Wer all completely ready for him now so just going to get on with life and enjoy my 3 presious girls before he comes. xxx
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