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c-section booked

like tital says really................My section has been booked for 9th June im first on the list so hopefully a morning baby have to be at the hospital for 8am. roll on 14days. xxx


  • oooh how exiting!
  • One week after mine Funshine! I'm June 2nd, going in in the afternoon and have to be there for 12, but it gives me a chance to get the dogs sorted out and stuff packed up! I'm excited but also very nervous!!!! image
  • EEEEkkkkk BOB, its so exciting isnt it, nerves havent kicked in yet dont think they will till the night before i know whats coming so thats the silver lining for me having done this 3 times before,lol.

    2nd June isnt far off now so excited for everyone now its so close.

    PP are you having a VBAC this time? xx
  • Good luck ladies xxx
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