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Losing my plug!!

Looks like I started losing my mucus plug already. Didn't get this with my son, or at least I don't remember it.

Anyone else had this yet or before?

Not due until the 6th, so not sure if this one will turn up early. My son was only one day early.


  • Hi,

    I'm also due on the 6th June! Lost a bit on Monday, but it was just clear and had a massive bloody show on Friday.. and still waiting :?
  • So its the waiting game for both of us then image

    Still just getting small amounts of my show so far. Yesterday had quite a few twinges which feel more like period cramps. Had these type of pains early on in labour with my son. Then nothing so far today, apart from it can be uncomfortable to walk sometimes. But then I've had that for the last month nearly now since he started to engage.

    Even though my bump has dropped right down and he is pretty much fully engaged, I'm still getting the horrible heartburn! image

    Hopefully won't be too much longer for either of us now!
  • Hi girls, i think i have been losing mine slowly to but not sure - seems to be a lot thicker discharge (tmi) but kinda creamy in colour and a night last week i had a small lump of this stuff that came out after my shower! No bood or anything in it tho, do you girls think this is my plug comin away??? I'm not due til the 24th tho!xx
  • Does sound like your plug. I've heard it can be clear or gunky. Sometimes it is hours before labour sometimes weeks.

    So far I've been losing mine for 5 days now. Wondering if there can be anything left. Mixture of streaky and clear too.

    Exciting to know its not far off now image
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