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Hello! So, who's on here?

So, my DD came and went (24th of May) so looks like I'll have a little Junebug! My induction is on the 4th and it looks like I'll be due then *sighs*. I was originally on the cusp of May/June anyway but the May board always seemed busier, is anyone on here or is it all on fbook?

Hope to meet some ladies with Junebubs on here, hope your all feeling well image x

41 weeks TODAY!! x


  • Due date is 6th, less than a week. But who knows!
  • Hi sabbath_cat_and_kitten's

    Im from DIM! Was due on 23rd and still waiting image im due to b induced on 4th aswel. Im on facebook, whats your name I will add you.

  • I've been "ready" for a month, my baby engaged in week 31! But this is my first and my mum was overdue with both bubs, so in limbo I am! Still, least the end is finally in sight ^_^ had my second sweep this morn, cross fingers!!
  • Most are on Facebook i still nip in every now and again, im 37+5 today and having a c-section at 39wks next thursday the 9th June, very excited.

  • Still here too although I'm in DIM much more since most of June jumped ship to FB! C section on Thursday!!!!!! image
  • Oooo BoB!! I replied on DIM, so excited for you!! I almost want to run into the hospital and go INDUCE ME NOW PLEASE!!! Soooo desperate to meet her!!
  • hi

    i'm due 24th june and am begining to struggle!!

    not finishing work until the 10th.

    Why don't you join us on facebook?
  • Whereabouts are you? Is it just Due in June 2011? I still love BE, it's my little escape to have a moan/catch-up, but might be nice to meet some DIJ ladies x

    Yes, I would struggle too! I stopped work at 33 weeks but practically got signed off, it's sooo exhausting towards the end I didn't realise how hard it would be to cope. I have quite a demanding job and also horrible back and hip pain.
  • I can sympathise on the hip and back pain SC!

    I'm not on FB babiseren.
  • if you want send me your name and profile piccy sabbath cat and il invite you into the group its a closed private group so only a member can invite you, its really good there are 10 june babies so fab but lots of us still in the waiting,its definatly a great place to go vent because its private we all do alot of moanign and TMI posts,lol. xxxx
  • how do we join the dij facebook group?
  • you have to be invited by one of the people already in the group as its a closed private group if you would like to inbox me your fb details i can add you as a friend then add you or search for me and add me as a friend but say who you are il inbox you my details. xx
  • me!! I'm in dim too as it was always sooo quiet in here!! due on the 9th. been getting lots of pains and even had a false alarm on sunday but came to nothing!! consultant tried to do a sweep today but cervix still closed so no good!!!

    funshine - you say there are 10 june bubs already?? wow!!! I haven' seen any ba (apart from one) so who's had there babies?? xx
  • Hello everyone, im having a c-section on 7 june, cant wait now, will let you know when my pink bump is delivered, good luck everyone else. how do i get on this fb group?

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