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Hi there how are we all?


I am now over 39 weeks, due on Saturday, and feeling the pressure...

I am really sore at the moment, I seem to have trapped a nerve or something in my lower back on the right hand side, making it really, REALLY, difficult to walk - resting seems to make it worse, especially after being to bed at night-time.

Does anyone have any advice for me, I am feeling really low with it and also extremely uncomfortable, close to tears.

I have taken paracetamol and tried hot showers to soothe it, but no joy. I am hoping this is not encouraging the little man to stay inside, I am willing him out!

I have had some mild what seemed like contractions on and off over the past week, but apart from that I am just waiting and waiting...

Have been out food shopping, and other trips so have tried to keep mobile.

Congrats to all the Mummies out there who have had their wee ones, and also good luck to the other ones out there like me, still carrying round in our big tummies!


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