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due june/july 2011 (MFM)

would love to hear from mums that are due around the same time as me, im a 2nd time mum with a 18 year age gap, being pregnant again is wonderful .


  • Hi Nicola.

    Must be nice to be doing it all again after such a long gap.Congratulations.

    I am due June 26th.I have 7 children already,aged11,10,8,6,4,2 and1,who are all eagerly awaiting this little one and have named "him" Ollie .

    Now we're past the first trimester I can agree,being pregnant again is wonderful.

    Hope you're keeping well


  • congratulations to you to, wow will be your 8th, thats brillant.

    im due 28th june, so looking forward to being a mum again, my daughter (from my first marriage) will be just 19 when our baby is born, she is so excited and cant wait to have a brother or sister.

    ollie is a wonderful name, do you know already what you are having? what are your other childrens names?

    it is wonderful being pregnant , but im so out of date on things, which is why i joined this web site, for tips , reviews and to get my self updated again.

    i am living abroad, on a little spanish island called menorca, part of the balearic islands, so things are different here, from antenatal care to hospitals to child benefit.

    i have lived here for over 7 years now and love our peaceful island very much.

    this pregnancy is so different to my first, im feeling so sick, even now in the 2nd trimester, it did ease off abit but its still there everyday, it comes in waves whereas before it lastest for hours, days at a time, now its for half an hour here and there through out the day.

    our next scan is valentines day, our 20 week scan, where we find out if its a boy or girl!

    would love any tips and items you couldnt have been without, we will be getting most of our baby items online from the uk, motherecare, kiddicare etc , as here is spain its double the price.

    take care and hope to hear from you soon xxx

  • Hi Nicola.Things must be different living oversea,but I have heard Menorca's beautiful.I think we do have it very easy here,we actuallly live on five minutes drive if that from a huge hospital with one of the largest maternity units and special care facilities in our area.They also just built a brand spanking new birthing centre,but I think only for low risk ladies.I'm probably too old,had too many,still what I don't know I can't miss.

    Ollie is only baby's inside name,we don't know what he is yet,boy or girl,it's too soon,but he will have a real life name.The children named him after the farmers dog from our last camping trip,which is a little worrying as my four year thinks she's going to give him a tasty bone when he comes out.Something we'll sort out nearer the time.

    We already have Harry,Bridie,Erin ,Arthur,Arwen,Matilda and Merlin.Sort of stuck for names this time,we never agree on names.Going to browse some name finder sites for inspiration when I find out boy or girl.We have our next scan on the 25th.

    Been feeling a lot sicker with this one too.I don't normally get morning sickness just a bit of nausea.This time I spent weeks feeling/being sick all day,which is just getting better these last couple of weeks.So glad that's over.Also having blood sugar problems,probably the two are related,but my grandmother had diabetes and her mother had it really bad,and the midwife says that and the fact my babies have been getting bigger all the time and my BMI is high(polite way of saying I'm fat)I have to be tested for GTT,I was supposed to last time but managed to get out of it due to timing.Anyway it's been a funny Christmas without the sweet treats but to be honest I don't miss them.Just seems to be the key to eat sensible food and often.

    I was lucky to get my choice of midwives this time,of all I've seen this lady is good.She knows her stuff,she takes no nonsense from anyone.Hoping to convince her,and tbh don't think it'll be too much convincing that I can have a VBAC  this time.Last time the fates conspired against us and Merlin was a section,which probably  shouldn't have really happened.So hoping this time's different.I'm already reading my Sheila Kitzinger books in preparation.My husband's thoughts on the birth were"maybe you're just too old to push".imagePlease join my frying pan armyimage

    Anyway I'm off up a ladder to take fairy lights down.Probably shouldn't but while DH is decorating the sofa as per usual it needs doing.I want my front room back.At least he's stopped snoring now,I shall kick him out for the school run in a mo.

    Take care.Hope you're feeling well today


  • Hi, congratulations both. I am 24 and due on July 15. Had my first scan yeasterday, im now 14 weeks + 6 days! Much further along than expected. I originally thought i'd be due on Aug 3rd! I have a 3 and half year old Daughter too image
  • Hi congratulations to you all. i'm due 25th July second time there will be a 6 year age gap but took a while to fall second time round.

    how's everyone feeling about it all

  • Hi, congratulations everyone! I'm 31 & due on the 21st July with our 1st baby. My hubby & I have no real experience with kids, so very excited but nervous as well. It'll be the 1st grandchild on my side so my mum is beside herself (although feeling a bit young to be a granny at 51!).

    We've the 20-week scan on 25th Feb & can't wait. I'd love to know what the baby's gender is but they have a policy not to tell you in the hospital I'm going to. Hoping we can spot something (or not!) ourselves but Harry wasn't even sure what way round the baby was after our 1st scan so not sure he's going to be much help image
  • Congratulations.

    We have our scan on the same day,25th Feb.We are allowed to find out,my older kids are dying to know.Have to say ,however many scans I've had I can't really see "it" on any of my scans so I just take the sonographer's word for it.Can't wait to find out.imageSomeone's been somersaulting all evening.

  • Hello. My name is Emma I am 23+3 weeks with my second "spud" due the 2nd of July. I already have one DD who is 2 1/2. I am married (a year in may). I have been a member of the sister site think baby for over 3 years now and have made some wonderful friends. We have had our 20weeks scan and we are having a yellow (suprise) bump so I am ovelry excited for June/July now. I am suffering from SPD and have just been signed off for 6 weeks until my maternity allowance kicks in. Hope your all very well. Emma and spud xxx
  • Hi, I'm Adele, I was 25 last month and I'm due 27th of July (so I'm 34 weeks tomorrow) with my first, a girl.

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