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Advice needed

girls whats your view on dying hair?!?!?! xxx


  • I don't know but mine badly needs done. I have been holding off getting it done so that I am a bit further on but I think I will have to go for it later this week. I am sure it is pretty safe and I dyed my hair when I was expecting my youngest.
  • Do it, it's absolutely fine apparently, I was really nervous and asked around and the majority verdict was that it was absolutely fine, especially after 12 weeks
  • How far was u? When u dyed it xx
  • I'm having mine done tomorrow, I'm 11weeks......everyone I've spoken to have said its fine.

    And I sooooo need it done its been a stressful few weeks so my greys and popping out thick and fast!!
  • I am not sure about peroxide for blonde but I have always used brown hair dye, semi permanent on my hair throughout pregnancy, I only dye my hair every three months so I do wait for the 12 week mark to pass just because the smell always makes me ill at the best of times.x

  • I agree with apricot....I've used dye loads in pg but never bleach for blonde.

    What colour you doing, just touch up or new look?
  • Ohhhh

    I have blonde highlights with a brown semi permanent over what's left over.....I thought that was ok?!
  • blonde and i had my hair highlighted all the way through my 1st pregnancy with no problems! xx
  • I was going to ask the same question... my hair looks a mess! And I am also a blonde highlights girl.... was going to wait until 12 weeks and a little nearer Christmas to get mine done.

    I spoke to my hairdresser a while back about it and she said it was fine but just let her (or your hair dresser know) and they can make sure it doesn't touch your scalp so much. That's what I plan on doing, but where I life gossip is rife so want to wait til 12 weeks just to make sure gossip doesn't spread too ha hax x


  • I got mine bleached twice, and my hair has never been so bad after it in all my life.  I will never do that hair looks like its frazzled at the ends - its horrible.  My hair is normally thick and glossy, and its now feels (and looks) like a wig.....gutted image

  • Well I went for it and did mine on Thursday night and it now looks much better image
  • I think its generally ok to dye your hair in pregnancy, reading online nothing has been proven to show it is harmfull, I guess you just need to apply moderaton, and don't colour it too regularly xx

  • I am allergic to hair dye so I don't have the option lol I know lots of ladies that have though x
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