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Blood and protein in urine :(

I have just had my midwife on the phone to let me know that the urine sample I handed in at my booking appointment last week has shown a trace of protein and blood image They don't seem too concerned but want to retest in a couple of weeks to see if its still there. I had my urine tested 2 weeks ago as well and it also showed protein. It just seems to be one worry after another. Just now as I had a bit of pink discharge over the weekend which scared the life out of me image


  • Im sorry babypie, what does blood and protein in your urine mean? I had my urine retested after booking in appt too, and both that and next one showed kidney infection high white blood cell count I think, so I had to have antibiotics, I did have alot of pain in my side so I was happy to have an explanation. It was retested and all good now, I hope you are better soon.x

  • I don't know what it means she phoned at a bad time so I couldn't really ask and she didn't offer an explanation but she did say they had tested for infection and none showed up image
  • hi, I had protein in urine from 20 weeks with my DD. It can and only can be a sign of pre-eclampsia so they will monitor and check it. If you had a bit of blood however, this could be causing the protein, it could be discharge.

    Try not to worry,

  • Hi I had the same early on in my last pregnancy and it turned out to be an infection. Call your midwife back and ask her lovely xxx
  • Hope your feeling better babypie! X
  • I am feeling pretty down to be honestimage I went up to the birthing suite this morning to collect a few urine same tubes and whilst I was there I managed to speak to my midwife and she retested my urine there and then and again it showed protein and blood so she has sent it away to get tested for infection again! She said usually when u get both together it points to an infection. Will be Monday now before I get the results image
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