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Consultant appointment

I now have a consultant appointment for the day after my 12 week scan. The letter just arrived today and says that due to me having previously had 2 large babies, one of which was a forceps delivery I have to see the consultant. It's gonna be a busy week with appointments!


  • Good to know that they are looking after you.

    Shame it's not on the same day.....when is your scan?

    I had my scan last Friday and saw the consultant straight afterwards.
  • My cons appt isn't while Feb!!! To talk about vbac.

    Are they going to offer you a section do you think?

    There is a lot of us under cons care or shared care I've noticed.

  • With my other 2 I had my scan then u went in the room next door and saw the consultant. I assumed everyone saw the consultant but maybe not? It's probably just to discuss where I have the baby as where I live there is a birthing suite but they only deal with straightforward cases everything else has to go to the regional hospital 80 miles away!!!!! Last time she just asked my opinion and when I said the big hospital she said in her opinion that was a good decision so I am guessing it will be same this time. I know they are wanting to check me for diabetes once I am 20 something weeks due to previous big babies.
  • My scan is on 5th and consultant on 6th.
  • 80 miles!!! Where are you....north pole! image

    How do you get there on time in labour?!?!
  • Us mummys to be will have calanders full of appointments next year.. image xx
  • Yeah 80 miles and its not even motorway!
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