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1st Post - I'm 9 Weeks Preg :)

Hi everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm expecting my first child in June and I'm approx. 9 weeks pregnant. I had an early scan last week which showed that everything was just fine! I've known I was pregnant since 3 weeks as my sickness started really early (and has never stopped since!), so I'm really looking forward to finally getting to the 2nd trimester and hopefully start to feel a little better!


  • Hi Kim...Welcome and Congratulations!! Im Lauren and im 9 weeks today image This is my 2nd baby..i have a 3 year old daughter! Hope your sickness eases off soon and you feel better Xx
  • Hey Kim, congratulations and welcome!

    I'm Emma I've got a dd aged 2 and I'm 11 weeks 2 days. image

    Look forward to getting to know you as we share this journey together.

  • Hello Kim and welcome, I thought we had all our members but I am sure there may be ladies who dont realise they are pregnant yet or want to wait til after 12 weeks to join.x

  • Hello!!! Congratulations, I'm Celia, expecting my first baby in May!! 14 and a half weeks pregnant and I can assure you the sickness eases off but the fatigue hasn't yet image
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