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Lets talk about......boobs

Hello. Looking for some advice really. My boobs are so so sore, I have gone from a DD to an E and they are a bit leaky I am only 10 weeks. I don't remember them being this bad with the others. Any ideas of pain relief (I don't use pain killers) Torch x


  • Im not sure whats best either warm or a cool compress? You could try one of those lavender wheat packs that you warm in the microwave or if cool is better you get the gel packs that you cool in the fridge. It might be worth a try!? x
  • Hi

    I haven't been to get any new ones yet....but my boobs are huge!! I'm a 32e/f depending on style, so I dread to think what size I might be!!

    Have you got underwire bra on, and is it cotton??

    I'm waiting a few more weeks before I buy new ones.

    Not sure why they are leaking, might be worth getting that checked out.
  • I would ask your midwife or doctor about the leaking, but it's probably time to buy some new bras especially for pregnancy!

  • Have spoken to my midwife who said it's normal as my youngest is only 15 months and I have been pregnant 3 times in 3 years. x
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