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Should we take dd to dating scan?

In two minds what to do. What's your opinion ladies? X


  • We had to take our dd as no one to watch her, she was very good and we told her that is the baby in mummy's tummy. She got bored and didnt really understand but I think it a good basis to start the explanation process and I will keep telling her about the baby in mummys tummy and hope it will ease the impact when baby is born. I understand your indecision as I worried if something was wrong and she saw me upset but I had said to dh to take her out if that was the case.x

  • I would have loved to have taken dd but our letter said not to bring children unless absolutely necessary. We didn't take her and I was quite glad in the end....they were running 45 mins late so we were in the waiting room for nearly an hour, then it took them ages to scan me because baby was in the wrong position....then it was back to the waiting room and they seemed to be ages faffing about with my notes. My dd would have been so bored and it would have ended up a nightmare....she is only 2.5 though so I suppose it depends on how old your older child would probably do better than a toddler in that situation!! x

  • My reasons for saying no are a bit different. We found out at our 20 week scan that our son was poorly and would not survive. DD was with us, luckily my sister was too and could take her home. I swore I wouldn't do it again and didn't until I was 34 weeks and could feel the next baby move. I suppose if she is too young to understand then you could but my DD was 7 and fully understood. For that reason Iwwouldn't xx
  • My dd is 2.5.

    Not checked my letter actually for that info. Better had.

    I want to take her coz I want to start the whole baby in mummys tummy etc etc but I fear if something is wrong. But then the anomaly scan is same.

    Maybe we should have a private scan again, but then they take longer. Oh I'm not sure what's the right thing to do.
  • Hi when I was pg with ds2 we didn't take ds1 until the 20 week scan because of all of my missed miscarriages. With dd1 I took both sons and my mum. I asked if it was possible for them to wait outside the door until I was certain of the pregnancy. Then I surprised them by calling them in. My oldest who was 4 understood what was happening but said he had seen it before and it looked the same. My ds2 was only just over a year so had no clue but we still told him about the baby to prepare him(still not prepared now and my DD is 17months!) this time none of them are coming as I will have no other adult as no one knows and dh is at work. So I am telling a little porky and they are going to nan's as I don't think I would do well with a 5,2 and 1 year old while laying down for the scan!
  • We took our 1 year old to 12 week scan. There was no one to look after him, even for a made up reason as inlaws were away and my parents live miles away. It's normally quite a quick scan anyway. He got a bit restless but hubby just amused him. My letter did say they prefer children to wait outside, but when the sonographer called us, i just asked if he could come in and she didn't bat an eyelid, so i guess they must get it a lot. My SIL just had her 12 week scan and took her 2 year old with her, again as they live abroad and had no one to babysit. xxx

  • Hmmmm I could easily get my mum to care for her as they know the scan is Monday but still not sure if that's the right thing or not. My letter only says no children to the downs test as they need to really concentrate and it takes longer.

    I want her to bond and understand (as much as a 2-3 year old can) that there is a baby in my tummy and it will come to live with us and she will be a big sister etc etc she's fantastic with other peoples babies and her dolls so think she will be ok jealousy side but still unsure. I'm hoping to breastfeed again so need her on side really so enable me to do that.

  • I am not taking my kids just in case something is wrong

    As I wouldn't want them to see us upset and having to explain why also if something is wrong there are things that wld need discussed while u are there which you maybe wouldn't want a child there for. Sorry to sound negative but I really would only take mine if i absolutely had to.
  • I probably wouldn't as the wait along can be agony, I had tio wait an hour and a half, and theres not much you can do to entertain little ones in those waiting rooms. Having said that some poeple did have their kids with them, but they did look bored rigid xx

  • We took our daughter (she was 2 in July) along to the dating scan - we hadn't told her anything until we arrived and hubby took her over to a board with scan pictures on it and she recognised it was babies. When she then came into the room she seemed to click straight away and we have even given her her own scan picture and she happily shows it to people telling them that mummy has a baby in her belly and then pointing at my stomach image We were there for over an hour and she coped very well - I didn't have the downs testing as I wouldn't go ahead with any diagnostic testing so didn't see the point. Would your partner be with you? He could always take her out when they do the Downs screening part that way she would still be involved.
  • What does the downs screening part actually involve please? X
  • I'm not 100% sure of everything involved as I didn't really read it all because i didn't want it done - I think its mainly extra measurements includiv nuchal fold which I think is something to do with measuring fluid levels or something at baby's neck.
  • I had the downs screening, it was basically the same as a normal 12 wk scan, they just additionally look at the nuchal fold/liquid as DM mentions above, they don't tell you anything there & then, you have a follow up appointment with your midwife ( mines on 12 dec) to give you your results x

  • Oh I had my results there and then. It involves a blood test too and they look at the nasal bone. They just tell you your risk/chances of baby having downs not if baby actually has it as too early to tell at that point.
  • Really, I guess every hospital is different! I had bloods too, I forgot about that! Doh! x


  • I still can't get over just how different each hospital is up and down the country. Don't think it's fair some women don't get seen for the first time until 12wk scan, think everyone should be seen before that especially if its your first. X
  • I agree Nainai there should be standard practice across the UK. But I think sadly its a postcode lottery, if your area has the funds and resources your lucky if not you miss out.

    I didn't take dd in the end to my scan but all was ok and she got a pic once home and knew what it was.....I was suprised coz half time I cant make scans out myself! Lol
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