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which doppler? x

really wanna get a doppler to hear bubbas heartbeat, which one?|?|?|?| xxx


  • Hey missy moo,

    I asked the same question on here a couple of weeks ago, and was recommended the angel sounds Doppler. I've used it a few times but oly managed to find heart bet once. It was very good and very clear. I'm gona wait a couple more weeks before I use it again. I got t off amazon for ??25.

  • ahhh sounds really good how far are u /?? xxx

  • 12+4 today. And heard baby's heart beat about 10days ago on angel sounds Doppler. I didn't use the gel though, I used baby oil, it seemed to work better. X
  • Mine should be hear weds ilbe 10 weeks 5 days should i hear it? Xx
  • From what the other ladies said, they could hear it from 9+ so just be patient with it, you need to move it really slowly around your belly. I think the best place is usually lower abdomen. Good luck with it xxxx
  • Ooh how exciting, I'd love to get one but would have a panic if I couldn't find it so its probably best i don't buy one or I'd be obsessivly listening every 5 seconds! xx

  • Hello!!!! I bought the angel sounds doppler and heard the heartbeat at 10 weeks image it was amazing!!! I still use it now!! Definitely recommend it and its only about 20 quid!!
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