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Anyone else feeling rough?

Is anyone else feeling extremely rough? I am suffering from certain symptoms really badly. I have got really bad sickness that is preventing me from eating most things, or being in the room with strong smells etc. I am extremely tired where I wake up in the morning waiting for bed time as I am so tired. I know that having three young children have added to my tiredness but I am struggling with work. I was so ill at work today I had to come home early. To top it off I have a bad chest infection that has spread across my chest. I have been on anti- biotics for nearly 2 weeks and it is still as bad. I think this has to be the worst by far of all my pregnancies and I was anti sickness tablets . Is anyone else having a tough time at the moment? I can't wait for it to pass. Was hoping that as I am probably passed the 12 week line that it would start to improve. Hope everyone else is feeling a lot better than me.


  • I haven't had a feeling sick stage at all so feel quite lecky, I felt a tad tired a few weeks back but all my symptoms have gone and I can just smell strong smells now

  • I've been ok....really really tired though, but had a lot on as well so that don't help.

    I feel disgusted by certain smells that never used to bother me.

    Other than that I'm fine.

    Hope you start feeling well soon x
  • Hi Hun. Hope you are having a better day. I'm not doing great either, I have hyperemesis and signed off work. On meds which help but don't cure it but still have really bad days and I can't even get out of bed unless it's to go be sick. I know this isn't exactly helpful but just know you are not on your own! X
  • Hi

    I wish I was having a better day but no. I had to go back to Drs today who has given stronger antibiotics. The infection and problemsbreathing haveraised myheart rate considerably so I have been signed off work until the weekend. Shealso gave me some anti sickness meds becauseof how bad my sickness is. Sat at home feeling rubbish and not being able to do anything for my 3 kids. I can't wait til I begin to feel better. Hope you are feeling better soon as well.

    Goodto here that some of you are dong well, I am so jealous of you
  • Oh you poor thing, I hope you start to feel better very soon. I have a strong recation to smells too, mainly artificial fragrances, have to use soap nuts instead of persil when I do teh washing now, bought simple unfragranced shampoo & unfragranced soap as it makes me heave. Bit annoying as when i'm on the train if soimeone next to me has perfume on I have to face the other way or move, people must think I'm so rude! I seem to have about 3 days of being ok then 2 days where I'm sick then it repeats, but apparently we should be getting over the worst of it once we're past teh 1st trimester x

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