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Is anyone else Rhesus Negative?

Is anyone else in the group rhesus negative blood group, and if so are you having the anti-d injection?

Midwife was suprised I knew my blood group but I've always known as my mum is rhesus neagtive too lol


  • G/C but there are many of us rhesus- ladies on here.  I had Anti-D given at 28wks/36wks/post birth with my eldest daughter & at 13wks/28wks/post birth with my youngest (both girls inherited Dad's positive bloodtype). The norm is you get one dose at the start of your 3rd trimester & depending on baby's bloodtype you may/may not get one post birth.  If you've not had one before, ask your MW to aim for a more fleshy area like your bottom/upper thigh as it will sting less.

  • I am A negative. I have had the anti d in both my previous pregnancies. With my eldest I had it at 28 and I think 36 weeks but I didn't need it after birth as he is same blood group as me. With my youngest I had one dose at 28 weeks and one after the birth as he is O positive like his dad. Don't worry about them sticking needles in the baby as its the cord blood they sample.
  • Meeeee lol I have probably had enough anti-d injections to last a life time. Either done in the bum or thigh. I prefer in the bum but I do have some extra baggage in that area lol x
  • Hi

    I am too. I know what you mean torch about how many you've had. I have had more than I can remember. It was only with my last that they reduced how many you actually needed. All but my little girl was positive so lots of them. Will be having them again this time
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