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Questions, Questions, Questions

This is my first child, I have endometriosis and wasnt supposed to be able to have children. I am 11 weeks and 1 day, My due date is June 20th, 2013 and I couldnt be happier but I am curious about a few things.

1st - I go thru very extreme cramping, but no bleeding.

2cd - I almost constantly have a shap pains in my breast.

3rd - I had my first ultrasound last monday so that would put me at 10 weeks 5 days, tehy said everything was perfect but i noticed that the length of the baby is 7.5cm = 2.9in is and everything i have read say the baby should be about 4.06cm = 1.6in so im not sure if this is normal, and why such a major difference in growth then average.

Yes I have called my doctor and am just waiting for him to get back with me as he is out of his office for a week, so i was just hoping maybe someone else could give me their opnion.



  • Hello FranchescaLee and welcome, I have no idea about the measurements, I just rely on the health professionals to tell me if there is something to worry about, so if they havent said anything then I wouldnt worry about it. Believe me you will worry over enough things and google no matter how wonderful it is can make you worry more than normal. I have alot of pains in my stomach. some stretching pains that are quite bad, enough to wake me up, and general pains either in my side, breasts, back etc which I put down to normal pregnancy pains. I hope your doctor eases your mind, you do right to check and at least you wont be thinking about it all the time.x

  • Hi FranchescaLee, congrats on your pregnancy.

    Almost every woman will feel nerves during her pregnancy be it her 1st or subsequent as nobody can tell you exactly what you will/won't experience for certain but in answer to your questions:

    1 - It is normal to experience cramping similar to period pains as your uterus grows & moves up/out of your pelvis to form your 'telltale bump'.  As long as you aren't doubled over in pain nor bleeding heavily then it is more likely 'growing pains'.

    2 - Your breasts can feel more tender/itchy as your pregnancy hormone levels build & the milk ducts begin to start production of breastmilk ready for baby's birth.  Some women will even start 'leaking' milk (this is more common when around young children).

    3 - Just like outside the womb people grow at different rates to different sizes so do babies inside the womb.  I have had 2 daughters who both were carried for the same timelength (41wks) but my eldest weighed 9lbs & was very long/tall when born whilst my youngest weighed 7lbs12 & was a lot shorter/smaller, they are both still happy/healthy girls who are ideal weight/height ratios.  In summary what you read is merely a guideline & very few babies stick to 'textbook'.

    Best wishes & hope you have a good 9mths.

  • Welcome and congratulations!

    Kazzie is spot on, couldn't have put it better myself! image

    Try to relax and enjoy, your body will do many strange things over the next 30 weeks. The health professionals have done it many times so if ever they explain things to fast etc ask them to explain simply so you understand.

  • Hello and congratulations.

    I agree with kazzie as well. The pains are as your body is adjusting to a completely new experience. I found it was worse with my first. Everyone gets a different type of pain in breasts, again body adjusting. As with measurements, I wouldn't be too concerned especially as they weren't. With my first when I went for my scan they put my dates back by 3 weeks because of the size meaning that I got a positive pregnancy test before I conceived ! Then later on he measured large for dates. It was similar with my second but they couldn't change the dates because I had had scans every 2 weeks from 5 weeks due to past mc. Sorry went on what I'm trying to say is that every little life grows at their own rate theat is unique to them. If there was a problem they would have told you.

    Hope you are feeling a bit more positive now.
  • Hey congratulations, thats super news & welcome. I can't really add anything that hasn't already been said but nerves are perfectly normal but if there was anything slightly odd you would know wbout it as they would have put you through for further tests. A lot of teh stuff we read online is just guidelines based on averages, your MW & Dr's know you and your baby better than anyone else, try & put your trust in them & if you have any concerns ask them. I drive my MW nuts with questions, I write them down then on my next appointment I ask them to her so I dont forget. Thats what they are there for xx 

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