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Finally got a rough date.

Well after the uncertainty of the past 2 weeks I have now had a dating scan giving me a rough date. Everything was perfect with little one watching it dancing around and waving. However it was being a little pickle and didn't want to be measured. So curled up in a ball. With that and them discovering that my womb is severely tilted meant it was very difficult. So their rough measurements gave a date of 17 th June making me 11+5 but they did say that I was probably further than that. I am having my unchallenged scan sometime within the next 2 weeks so they might be able to get a better picture next time. I am induced 2 weeks early anyway so will be towards beginning of june no matter what. My dh is so relieved there is only 1 as we already have 3 children and this was a shock surprise anyway. Hope everyone else who has had a scan has had a good one. Am now looking forward to feeling better.


  • That's great news. Glad all is well. X
  • Hope u don't mind me asking but what is an unchallenged scan?
  • Sorry stupid phone correcting words for me- me then not checking what I have written. Supposed to say nuchal scan!
  • Mind you I would love an unchallenging scan where they can measure easily and not have to poke really roughly just to see baby that is hidden in my steeply tipped uterus!
  • That is brilliant news, so glad all is well. What does having a tilted womb mean, will you need a c-section or can you still have v birth? Apologies for the dim question xx

  • My womb has been tilted for all of my pregnancies, had all naturally. However it has got worse with each one. It means that getting a pic is difficult and it is really tilted towards my back giving me killer backache. It will sort itself as there is no room for manoeuvre just a pain at the moment for getting accurate scan! Not a dim question. I had to research when found out first time as I suffered from lot of fertility issues - not that that is evident now!
  • True! Backache is a pain in the butt though, have you tried a birth ball, my friend swears by hers, she has had quite debiitating backache through out her pregnancy x  

  • Yes I have my birth ball ready. I have used it all the way through all of my pregnancies as by 20 weeks I have really bad spd and am on crutches. It helps me to be able to keep things moving. It also helped close to my induction to get me dilated. I asked for one in hospital and sat on it all the time in the ward as it was too painful in the chairs or the bed.

    I would definitely recommend a ball for anyone who wants relief from any aches or pains. And for helping get into labour later on
  • The only problem I had was getting my OH to stop bouncing on it, think he thought it was a space hopper!

  • My two sons loved it as well. Spent all the time they could using it as a bouncing toy or rolling over it. My second child loved standing on it while I was sitting on it, holding my hands and jumping up and down. He was only 15 months so not too big.

    Look forward to relaxing on it again when I get it down from roof as it is only remaining item that I didn't get rid of!
  • I totally agree about the birthing ball, I used it all the way through my first pregnancy and all through labour as I went through labour mostly at home and it really helped with the pain and get the baby in the right position for birth.x

  • They are amazing. Glad I'm not the only one who uses them all the way through.

    Had my second scan today. They have moved me forward a day as it was still difficult to gauge. Everything was fine. And booked in for my 20week scan on the 24th january when my dh will finally get to come to a scan. At least now I have a final date to look forward to. I know that will be the last day I have it as I am usually induced up to 2 weeks early. But still within June !

    Hope everyone else's scans are going well.
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