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Hello ladies will have a catch up with your threads when I can but just wanted to introduce myself - I have a 2 year old daughter and am now pregnant with my 2nd baby. I had my scan on friday and am 13 weeks today - had some bleding at 7 weeks but thankfully all is well (was super scary as had 2 MC's prior to my daughter which started the same way as this bleed) Hope you are all well xx


  • Hi and welcome to the group !
  • Hey there Dangermouse, what a fab name! Reminds me of being a kid again image Welcome to the group, your pic of your daughter is gorgeous, she is a cutie pie - whats her name? I also had a MC previously & bleeding so I sympathise, it is super scary isn't it. Hopefully we're thorough the worst now xx 


  • Aw thanks that picture is from ages ago when she was starting out with weaning so she's a tad bigger now! Her name is Aila (pronounced Ale-a) its Scottish and means from a strong place. Just noticed ticker has her as 1 year ole will have to sort that out...
  • Welcome and congratulations!

    I also have a two yr old dd, who keeps me on my toes at times! Lol

    Look forward to hear from you more x
  • Welcome and congratulations. When are you due then?
  • I'm on the 10th image
  • 1st pregnancy due 7th june...cant wait for my next scan x
  • Hi! I'm due baby no2 on the 6th. Your little one is gorgeous and love her name. Will you be finding out what you are having this time? Or will you be waiting for the surprise? X
  • I am due on the 6th, my dd was due 5th March but came 15th February, so who knows what will happen this time.x

  • A few of us due close to each other then - I may end up early too Apricotmoon depending on if I have another section or not little missy was found to be breach when I went for a sweep at a day overdue!! Have an appointment with my consultant after my 20 week scan to discuss options about birth and also avoiding Group B Strep infection that my daughter contracted image Lisalou I will be having a surprise its all part of the excitement for me
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