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Anyone else eating peanut butter?

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Title says it all really? I have laid off all the other things - alcohol, pate, certain cheeses, caffeine etc - but read in the paper today about not eating nuts. I knew about this but I read a couple of medical studies that said if there is no nut allergy in the family then it was ok as they hadn't find a direct correlation. So, I have had around 2-4 pieces of toast a week with peanut butter on it. Now am a bit worried.

Anyone else?



  • I have been eating crunchy nut cornflakes which contain peanuts as I read that nuts are perfectly safe.
  • Yeah I've eaten satay sauce image yummmmm and I've had prawns a couple of times!
  • I've eaten peanut butter and jam on toast at least 3 times a week for the last 4 months! And I eat prawns all the time xx
  • I asked my doctor about this last week. I had my first appointment to tell them I was pregnant. She told me that it isn't confirmed either way, but did say that if there is a history of allergies in the family I should be more careful. 

  • They are forever changing the guidelines. I reckon its fine to eat peanuts as long as there are no allergies in your family xx
  • I spoke to my doctor about nuts and he said if you eat them part of a healthy diet and there isn't any nut allergies in your family then you should be fine. I love my peanut butter on toast right now x
  • Not me but thats because I dont like it! My understanding is that the no peanut guideline came about as a bit of an overreaction and that the advice is now only to avoid if there's allergies (of any sort not just peanut) or eczema in the family otherwise it is fine.
  • I know piedPiper, I also am loving my penut butter on toast (wouldn't go so far as saying a craving but certainly a think I want to eat)

    Haven't had any prawns yet but have had calamari a few times... although there were some delicious looking breaded prawns at a restaurant the other night that I was very tempted by.

    Thanks for all your help ladies x x

  • The only things I would avoid totally are drugs/ medication, alcohol, tobacco and too much caffeine. Everything else I've always had in pg at least a little. I loved snickers bars with dd pg, had one all time!

    Try not to worry, I always say....If women had healthy pg and babies when my Nanna was young when it was "healthy" to some, then a little bit of brie (for example) ain't gonna hurt! image

    P.s just to be clear I don't smoke or drink anyway so that's easy to avoid lol
  • Oh my I miss brie and bacon sandwiches YUM YUM!

    I also have never been much of a drinker, only at social ocassions, but completely cut it out a few months before pregnancy. I don't miss it at all. I was however  tea-a-holic! I switched to decaf tea (can only get PG Tips defcaf out here) a few months before pregnancy too.... it tastes the same to me, but am finding it hard to stomach hot milk at the minute so have switch to fruit juices instead.

    I have never smoked so that was never an issue thankfully.

    I did give up running at my Dr's request and horse riding (my horse is having a lazy winter/semi-retirement). But have still tried going to the gym a few times a week for a 30 minute walk or cycle as I am prone to gaining weight quickly.

    I also haven't given up any take aways. Some people say eat less take out cause you don't know how it is cooked etc but we often have them - not fat laden ones - like grilled meats, hummus etc... couldn't do without them. Oh and my Thursday night Chicken Tikka Masala!

    Other than that I am just trying to be really careful... if I eat something I shouldn't have (such as beef carpaccio when I was early pregnant) and it was an accident (I had no idea I wasnt supposed to eat it) I didn't beat myself up about it. What was done was done and no point dwelling on it. Just try to be more cautious from now on image

    Have not taken any medication either (or drugs ha ha). Only took panadol twice when I had the flu at 6 weeks. Other than that have tried to just get rest or drink more water when I am feeling rough. I am now having to take Vitamin D as apparently I have a deficiency, have to take them for the next 3 months on top of duphaston (progesterone) and multi-vits!

    Anyway, here is to a healthy, happy pregnancy for us all x x

  • I'm supposed to take vit D too but haven't coz I can't stomach the awful chalk chew tablets.....gonna ask mw if she can change them for me. X
  • I have a lot of bad allergies so I don't eat any nuts. My 3 kids have got allergies but none are nut allergies. I miss most food as still unable to eat without being ill. Mostly miss curries though as spicy makes me feel really bad
  • My mw said unless there's family allergys, nuts are fine. I have had hyperemesis (been in hospital on a drip etc) and now gotta take medication daily and weirdly one thing I could keep down after my hospital treatment was prawn cocktail. So I've also eaten prawns! Must have been lacking in something they provide (well, after not even keeping sips of water down and being on the verge of collapse I'm pretty sure I was lacking in everything! Lol). Despite all this bubs seemed perfectly happy at 12 week scan. Remember all the guidelines are just ADVICE. Every woman and bump are different and have different circumstances so as long as your not eating raw shark meat and downing 6 bottles of wine every night!! Lol. Everything in moderation. If you have eaten something and then felt guilty, just think oh well I won't have that again as obviously it's not within your comfort zone. Hope all of you are well! Xx
  • I really want to eat all the nice cheeses at crimbo!!!!

  • Me too....I love brie....maybe if I cut off the rind?

    As for the nuts thing, my cousin has been told not to eat nuts because her hubby has a mild allergy! But I suspect she has had the odd snickers bar!

  • Haha yes Brie!!! And goats cheese... And Camembert!!!!! Yummmmmm then there's the p??t??!
  • I am missing p??t??!
  • I LOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE Pate and my MIL always makes a special one for Chirstmas day as a canape and this year I can't eat it! I am GUTTED! Can do without the cheeses so much but pate humph!

  • Are vegetarian pates ok? Or even fish ones? I have no idea as can't remember why you're not supposed to eat them anyway!!

    As for peanut butter. - I love it on crumpets! No allergies in my family so it's fine.

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