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Aaaah stretchy waists <3

Have been reunited with me favourite maternity trousers image Hubby brought down all my maternity clothes from the loft - love stretchy waists they are soooo comfy


  • Lol I hear that sister!! Lol image
  • I got rid of all my maternity clothes after my last child along with all baby items as we decided our family would stop at 3 so now have to buy things from scratch again! Can't wait to get the comfy waistlines especially for work. Haven't told them yet though.
  • Ordered my maternity uniform yesterday hope it comes quickly my work trousers are getting uncomfy (even after gouing up a size!)
  • I've had to buy some work trousers can still get in my jeans at the minute lol, however I've got a kitten and it decided it would pee on them so they've had to go in the wash before I've even worn them (they are off ebay)

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