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Anomly scan dates for June babies

Hey all, New topic to help breath life into our group and re-introduce we've sadly lost a few since our initial introductions and greatly gained a few! Please comment telling us how your getting on, your edd, your scan date and the big yellow, pink or blue!! X


  • I'm Emma for those who don't know me! I'm 27 from York. This is pg 3 baby no 2. I have a beautiful dd who is also a June baby and is now 2.5 years old. This pg has been very very similar to my dd pg so far....dare I say I sometimes forget I'm pg, although a expanding bump and muscle pulls reminds me its not a dream!

    I'm due 7th June. My scan is 23rd Jan, I'm really looking forward to it and can't wait to find out the sex, I think its a girl as pg similar to dd but hubby and in laws desp for a boy.

  • Hi

    I'm 31 from Hampshire. This is pg no8 baby number 4 for me. I have 2 boys and a little girl already.

    I have been very sick with this pg the worst of them all. I am also looking about 6 months preg already as my muscles gave up during my pg with baby no 3. I can already feel baby move as I have no muscles to block feeling!

    I am due on 16th June. My scan is on 24th January and we can't wait to find out what it is. My husband is desperate for another girl so we are even I don't mind either way as it was a surprise. I think he will get his wish though as I was I'll with my little girl and on medication but not quite as bad. Whereas the boys I no sickness at all but was in and out of hospital with bleeding.

    I am hoping for a nice small baby but with no4 anything is possible!

    Maybe we could set up a due date list thread and a weekly bump thread for those who photo their bump to see the changes over time. That is what happened in other due in forums I was in
  • Bump photos would be lovely....although I can't upload on here from my phone....or should I say I don't know how! Lol

    Due date list would be and Katherine did one on the fb group. Could copy over minus the mums real names when I eventually get on comp! image
  • Hi this is baby no 3 for I have 2 little girls i'd love a 20 week scan is opn the 15th february ..can't wait xx

  • This will be our 2nd child although 3rd pregnancy. We have one girl and I am happy with boy or girl this time but have a feeling it is a girl. My scan is 24th January which still seems an age away, roll on scan and putting my mind at ease. I am still abit sick, hubby had to pull the car over yesterday for me to boke in the gutter, I really hope after 20 weeks the sickness will go away, but I am still nowhere near as bad as some of you poor ladies on here.x

  • Hello I am from Scotland and due my 2nd baby on the 9th of June - my daughhter is 2 and 1/2 (ish) and super excited about the baby in mummys belly (lets hope the enthusiasm continues once baba arrives!)

    My 20 week scan is also 24th Jan after which I will have a consultant appointment to discuss how we will go re birth (had a section due to breach presentatiom discovered at 40+1 last time) am keen to try VBAC but also scared - we will also be discussing preventative measures as dd contracted Group B Strep and devolped Septicaemia and suspected Meningitis and was very poorly. As a result I will be consultant led his time - my midwife described me as red on their traffi light system!!

    I've been keeping well apart from being absolutely exhausted! Am enjoying feeling baby wriggle around now especially as movements are getting stronger and more frequent
  • Not been around much as mainly go on fb group. I'm due 6th June so 18+2 today. Been feeling bubs move for few weeks although it's only recently changed from flutters at bed time to prods at different points through the day. I have one ds (8 yrs old) and this pregnancy has been entirely different with being hospitalised for hyperemesis, early bleeds (and one at 17 weeks) and my pelvis and hips have given up already which is really painful. My first pregnancy I was a bit sick but was pretty straightforward. Because of this everyone said its def a girl but gender scan on Xmas eve showed us boy bits! So we are team blue and very excited! Just can't wait to get him here, hurry up June!!! Xx
  • Hello!

    Third pregnancy but second baby image

    Due on June 2nd and have my 20 week scan on the 14th Jan (only one week on Monday!!) We will be finding out the sex of baby plays ball! We have daughter but really don't mind which flavour image

    Still sick but much better!

    Don't really like pregnancy and looking forward to it being over and my last!!

  • Hello!

    This is my 2nd baby i have a 2yrs 8mth old little boy. I'm due on 18th June, my 20wk scan is on the 4th Feb and we're staying team yellow again although midwife is convinced im having a girl due to everything being oposite to first pregnancy and a horsey sounding heartbeat lol, been really ill still on anti sickness tablets so not vomiting as often (never had morning sickness with son) i'm from gateshead, tyne and wear xxx

  • Name: Steph

    Age: 26 (27 on 31st January)

    Area: Westhoughton, Bolton (Manchester)

    Occupation: Children's Support Worker

    EDD: 12th June

    Scan Date: 23rd January (staying team yellow)

    So far this pregnancy has been nice to me, I've had no sickness hardly any tiredness and not much else, although I've decided that means my labour will be days long lol

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