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New series....perfect it! image


  • couldnt agree more; something to watch and actually relate to this time round, makes me feel even more excited. image
  • it was awsome...this active birth looks strange so not what im used to seeing! had to laugh at him trying to find that button, i was screaming at my telly lol ^^ cant wait till next weeks epidose image

  • Lol I was screaming at the TV too.... "its on the wall, just press it, its the red one!" Lol

    Roll on next weeks!
  • I remember watching OBEM when actually in labour with daughter, very strange but nice as I knew I would soon be holding my little bundle. I would really like the active birthing room, I think lying on your back is the hardest way to give birth and I wasnt offered any other options first time round.x

  • I don't think many places do offer active birth as a rule....I know our hospital only has one active birth room. Shame really as its more cost effective for Nhs.

  • Wasn't overly impressed with this weeks episode didn't like any of the couples and he guy with he lights OMG what a tool!! It did sway me towards VBAC though i want to do it myself this time please
  • I'm hoping for a VBAC too! I want to experience labour but worried i'll need an emergency section. Got my VBAC consultation in Feb so we'll see what cons says is best.
  • I'm the same baby boom i want to experience labour neer had a single contraction last time I am told i am crazy for thinking like bu havig a section felt like a failure last time. What was the reason for your section?

    I went for a sweep at 40+1 and the midwife found baby in breech position despite all examinations up to that point having baby as head down and even as head engaging!! I was sent to hospital the next day to see if baby could be turned but after consultant had a bit of a jiggle he said there was a 3% chance of success so I could either go for natural labour but with baby estimated at 9lb and a large head chances are Athe head would get stuck or I could come back for a section next day so not much of a choice!!

    I have been told I would get extra scans this time to check presentaion so they could catch breech earlier and have a better chance of turning bubs
  • I too had a stubborn breech!

    I was the one who actually noticed at about 36 weeks, mw wasn't convinced so sent me to scan which confirmed, ECV at 37 weeks ish total failure and waste of time as no-one I know has had it work, so booked for elective section at 39+4 as apparently they there is only cons able to deliver breech and couldn't guarantee he'd be able to get there if I had vaginal birth so would end in emergency image

    I feel like a fraud when other mums talk about labour pains, delivery, drugs etc coz I didn't get that....I didn't even get the whole "any sign of baby" comments ppl tend to make as I was booked in before due date.

    Having said that it wasn't a bad experience, it was just surreal and everyone seemed to hold MY baby before me which wasn't nice image

  • Feel the same when people start talking about labour esp if its people who dont know / remember I had a section and start asking about mine having a section definately contributed to my PND (along with my daughter being really poorly and failing at BF). I really really want to be te 1st person after surgeon to hold baby if I fo end up with a section again - there was meconium in my waters I remember before the surgeon pulled baby out he commented that there was poo so missy got whisked away after she'd been held up to me. I think peoplereally underestimatethe phycological effect of a section on many women. I have friends who aren't fussed they had a section but I felt like an utter failure especially when I only BF for 3 days image
  • I agree....its defo not plain sailing as many think. The surgeon didn't hold my dd up to me, she was passed to mw, dried, hubby went over to cut cord then she was wrapped and given to hubby who was too amazed to think of showing me until mw said to show me and I couldn't reach her to touch her so had to wait about an hour to hold her, which luckily my dd was fine and had a text book section so was lucky.

    I managed to bf for a year, the early weeks were tough because I felt such a failure coz of section if I hadn't of managed to bf I doubt I'd of bonded well. I didn't get that rush of love like ppl say so bf really was my saving grace!! 100%.

    It's nice to hear another breech elective section makes me feel normal having had the feelings I had / have.

  • Definately good to hear someone else with similar feelings (not that I'm happy you felt like that!) like you say makes me feel a bit more normal too - everyone's reaction when I try to speak to them about it is / was "dont be daft"

    At the time I put BF failure down to me but I now wonder if perhaps my daughter wasn't latching properly because se was unwell - I gave up at 3 days with horribly cracked bleeding nipples when midwife said I had to decide whether to enjoy my baby or continue as was. The next day Aila was admitted to NICU with Septicaemia and suspected Meningitis which they couldn't test for as she was so poorly the lumbar puncture would have done more harm than good. I expressed until we left hospital so she was fed eBm topped up with formula except for a day when the mw and drs were worried I maybe had infection in boobies and didn't want her fed anything with anything that could be infected when she was already so ill.
  • It must have been a very worrying time for you, especially having just had her. I'm sure the problem will have been the latch from the fact A. You had a section and B. Your nipples cracked badly. My dd wasn't latching but I didn't know any different. I fed her after section in hospital (you know the limited movement we had) and the mw said it was a good latch numerous times.....when I got home I fed the same way and little did I know I was actually starving my baby for 4 days!!! She nearly got admitted from too much weight loss and jaundice, mw gave me 24 hours to cup feed to sort it....luckily a night of awful cup feeding and a new mw the next day (mine broke her leg!) Ment my dd had a bit of strength and the new mw was pro bf so showed me holds told me how it should feel and how baby should look if latch correctly. It was my saving grace.

  • Considering the NHS is supposed to support BF the support is very patchy - I lost count of the number of mw's who tried to help I was always told the latch was perfect. We tried to reestablish once missy was out of NICU and back on ward with me but my nipples were awful - one BF support mw ( has been mw for 15 years) saud they were the worst she had seen and actually winced when she looked at them. Apparently my mum had badly cracked nipples but they used to have a freeze spray she would put on before feeding so she didn't feel anything - it was withdrawn though.

    Its quite scary how many women give up when I think adequate support would help them continue - one of my friends had similar experience to you her son was losing weight but she was just told "you're doing great" she eventually gave up when he reached the lowest centile
  • Totally agree there just isn't enough good quality support in the Nhs. I went on a private bf course when pg and if I hadn't of done that I would have even know how to start bf. Upsetting really to think how many women stop when if they had support many would continue and the great benefits of bf would be seen.

    my mum gave up as she was told she didn't have enough milk....when in fact that wasn't true it was simply bad latching. image

    Are you going to do anything different this time?
  • I'm going to have nipple sheilds at the ready incase my nips go bad again I know many BF stalwarts think they are a big no o but I figure if it the differemce betweem boob and formula then its necesary. Also going to try and be strong and ask MW's to assist me with latch not just mamhandle my boob into babies mouth.

    I guess my situation wasn't typical with very poorly baby and awful nips but the advice and support varied so much between midwifes and I think looking back my descent into PND started before we even left hospital everything just got ontop of me and Ididn't feel strong enough to ask for more help. Fingers crossed thjngs go a bit more smoothly this time!
  • I don't like nipple shields but having said that like you say if its the difference between breast and bottle its got to be done, also keep lanolin at the ready and apply as and when dryness starts to prevent cracking.

    I'm sure you'll be ok this time but if your not at least you know your still a good mum no matter how baby feeds and you can look after a baby and let them grow to be happy and healthy, that's the main thing.....happy mummy = happy baby.

  • I was quite lucky as a lovely midwife on the ward sat with me 30-45 mins helping me get the latch after that i had no problems my mum breast fed and my cousin so had their help too. I breast fed my son for 2 yrs so def think i've got the hang on it for the second one thats if it'll take to it. Sometimes it's not us no matter what we do if the baby decides it doesnt want it it wont take it lol little monkeys. I also used nipple cream during pregnancy to keep them soft and moisturised xxx

  • I used Lansinoh in abundance when my nipples cracked and also breastpads that you could heat and cool to try amd be bot more comfortable but I ended up with a rash so was allergic to one or the other!! I then had to use steriod cream to heal it then when I was expressing wash the cream off and slather my nips in vaseline not the most pelasant experience
  • Hopefully this time will be a more pleasant experience. image x
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