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Decorating the nursery - ideas

Nursery ideas - I keep thinking about colours. When we find out if boy or girl (2 weeks 2 days!) Then I can think more but just wondering what colours/ style everyone doing. Furniture is defo white. And having beech (cheap) laminate floor. Dd room is light pink with dark pink accessories so if a girl I want it girly but different to dd. Problem is this is the small box room and is north facing (no sunshine) so I don't want it to look any smaller and colder than it is....if you see what I mean. image X


  • Hi

    Our nursery that has been the

    Nursery for thefirst three is a pale lemon yellow. With my boys I didnt know until they were born so it was yellow. We then added tractor curtains etc for boys. When we had our surprise girl she moved into the yellow room where the curtains were changed and she now has hand painted ink and lilac butterflies to change the feel but the yellow helps the room as it is a box room which is north facing with not muchin theway of natural light. It is always feeling light in there. Our little surprise this time will not have a nursery as we nave no rooms left until we sort the roof out so have no decorating to do!

    Hope you find the right colour
  • Oh no so are you doing a loft conversion while pg?

    Hmmm yellow is what I want to avoid, although a pale yellow may be the mo the room is bright yellow!!! It was like that when we moved in 7 years ago, with a leaf green carpet! It's very office like I think. :-/

    Scan in 13 days so hopefully that will help decide once we know the sex.

  • not 100% on colour but sister is drawing me a giraffe on the wall

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