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holidays before maternity leave ?

Hi everyone! I am due my baby in june and hopefully working as far as I can up to my due date. My holidays run from jan-dec. Am I aloud any holidays before I take My maternity leave? Thankyou xx


  • hi, my holidays run from apr to apr, iam due in aug as far as iam aware i would have to take all my leave before i go off as i wouldnt be back before apr, i know you can tag leave on to the end or the beggining of your mat leave .

    i get 33 days a year so i plan on taking 5 days over to add to the end of my 9 month leave, as that all i can take over from a previous year, plus will take 2 weeks before i actually start mat leave therefore being off a month before due, plus it looks like i would be off a week every month starting from march, feel like iam never goin to be in oops,

    i think it all depends on who you work for x
  • Hi ladies....i called ACAS regarding this as im 19 weeks and due june are still entitled to take ALL your holiday allowance!! My holidays run jan-dec and i get 28 days a year..therefore ive got untill june 7th to take 28 days holiday!!

    If you are unsure then call ACAS (free employment law advice via telephone)

  • Thankyou thats brilliant as i get 25 days holiday a year and im 19 weeks and im also due on the 7th june!!!!
  • Millie2 do you work full time? If So minimum holiday entitlement is 28days!

    Same due dates! Is it your 1st?

    How are u finding your pregnancy?

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