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Scan eventually went well

Had my anomaly scan yesterday and everything went well eventually. Baby was being a pain and wouldn't stay still or lie properly so I ended up being scanned twice and was scanned for over an hour before they got measurements. At the end of all the scanning baby still refused to show what it was so am having to stay team yellow. Slightly excited it will be a surprise but annoyed because we were trying to prepare what is happening with rooms etc as it is number 4 oh well. As my three year old says its definitely a baby mummy. Hope all are doing well


  • Awh I know how you feel the same thing happened to me. I wasnt scanned for overly long though but was given another appointment for two weeks time so hope to find out what we are having then. she was happy that the baby was healthy and nothing to worry about without having all the checks done so it was enough to make me relax.x

  • I wish my sonographer had done that but they just persevere in our hospital regardless. I was sore from being prodded and poked for over an hour. Bt yes I was relieved that at least baby was healthy. Have started preparing neutral colours now
  • That's great news that all was ok.

    Shame about having to stay team yellow....can you afford a private scan? image

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