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Over half way

Hi With many of us getting past the half way mark, I just thought I would see how everyone is doing. I am now 22weeks and def feeling it. I have a sizeable bump that people comment "are you sure its not twins" I am yet to tell my class and have been struging to hide it. Will tell them after half term. My dreaded spd has arrived in full force so am in lots of agony with everything I do. Not got my crutches out yet as I am trying to do better than with my other 3. I have my consultant appointment in just under 2 weeks time where he is going to have a fit when he finds out I am having number 4 (he did with my last) I am looking forward to half term and a week of slightly later mornings! I can't wait for my baby to arrive now that I am beginning to prepare alittle more. How is everyone else doing, coping with the stress of work/home life with pregnancy?


  • I am relieved I will be at third trimester next week. Tiredness is beginning to kick in again. I am now under consultant due to my heart murmur and have to have echo and ECG and see a cardiologist and anaesthetist again. There goes my chances of going in the midwife unit!! So what with all that and a 4d scan in 2 weeks and a scan to check placentas position at 35 weeks it is all becoming quite real!!
  • I'm 25 weeks Fri.....sooooo glad to be in the "viable life" stage as I'm worried about pre term birth, not that I've got reason to worry lol

    I've just painted nursery one coat, very happy. Sorted some clothes. Looking forward to finishing work in may image

  • Booglys_mum, I'm a cardiac patient too and seeing cardiology team. I'm just curious as to what type of delivery they have recommended for you? Are thy letting you go full term?

  • I have just got back from seeing my consultant. He has been my consultant with all of my pregnancies. He was not happy to see me as he told me last time I wasnt to have anymore. I have to see an anaesthetist and cardiologist as well as I have fits with any anaesthetics and my heart doesn't cope with pregnsncy. With my last two I had a hospital birth then as soon as all was ok I moved to midwife unit or could have gone home. So I would ask if that is an option for you if you wanted it. I am being induced prob 2weeks early as I always am. Not allowed to go to term gor msny reasons.

    Hope everyone is ok and enjoying expanding bellies
  • I was 24 weeks on Wednesday so now my next task is to work out the date I want to leave and tell my boss eek! it's exciting and scary to think that's where I'm upto already. I'm planning on going around the 20th may EDD is 12th June, was going to work longer but it was half term when I wanted to leave and I didn't fancy going on day trips with the kids I work with and end up in labour as orignial day I was going was June 2nd lol, with my shift pattern it means that I'll finish on a friday afternoon at 4 and then it's my weekend off so my the maternity won't start till the Monday image.


    I've got most of my baby items, still need a mattress for cot but OH mum says she'll buy us that, the nursery is almost done just waiting for my sister to draw the animals on the wall and we need a door for it then it will be all ready for when baby arrives, I hate leaving things to last minute and feel like there is no time even though I still have 15 weeks and a bit to go lol



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