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is everyone ready?

Hi How is everyone doing as we are on the final stretch? I was given a moses basket yesterday so now have aplace for baby to sleep and we now have some baby clothes. We hhave blankets from the others so the only thing that is left is to get some nappies for baby. I also have a bag but it is empty as I have not bought the bits to go in it yet. We also haven't had time to discuss names yet. I am now counting down until my maternity leave in 5 weeks time I get an extra week off as it is may half term for the last week before my maternity leave starts in 6weeks time. I am struggling now and am on crutches because of my spd which is brilliant fun teaching on crutches. I cant wait for it to be over now How is everyone else doing?


  • I'm doing ok at home everything is ready just need to pack my hospital bag. Worl wise I feel like I've had enough just got four weeks left to go though
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