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maternity leave at last

How is everyone doibg? I have finished work now. My maternity leave starts on the 3rd of June but I have finidhed as it is half term now. Had a hectic couple of weeks making sure reports were done. Now am trying to get thibgs ready. I am packing my bag this week and getting baby bits out of the roof well dh is. I am now unable to walk without crutches and cant wait for the arrival. I have started all my supplenents to help my body get ready for the day and just waiting. Has everyone else finished now?


  • I finished on the 17th May, I was doing alright last week but I'm finding this week really tough as I'm quite used to being busy and this sitting around just won't do for me, people keep telling me to rest as I won't be bored etc when baby arrives but really that's what I want lol

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