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anyone had their little bundle yet?

Just wondrred if anyone still came on here and has had their bundle yet. I had to delay my induction due to my sone having to have major surgery and me needing yo stay in with him. I am in slow labour at the moment ehich is awful and due to be induced sunday unless it arrives first. Just wondered how everyone else was doing as it is unbelievably quiet in here.


  • Well my little bundle has arrived right on cue. On his due date of 16th june as a lovely father's day present for my husband. I was induced and started to contract every 5mins. My waters went and he shot into the world 40 minutes later. With my labour recorded as 40 minutes.

    Good luck everyone else.
  • Well done congrats! X

  • congratulations! Lovely present for daddy. My 2nd DD was born on 17/06 after induction on sunday. My induction took a tad longer than yours! Was 12hrs from syntocinin properly kicking in and baby being born, I ended up with a forceps delivery as babys heartrate kept dipping but so glad I got VBAC at one point emergency section was mentioned and i was so upset - 3 contractions in theatre and baby was born image 

  • Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. That drip is a killer or it is for a wimp like me. I had it with my first and ended up with a failed venteuse followed by forceps. Of the 4 this was by far the shortest labour and delivery. The midwives and others in the room were laughing because my 2nd stage (his flying into the world) was a total of 3 minutes. But it took 7 mi utes for the placenta! I had 2 male anaethetists trying to put a line in (a requirement for my complications) and were upset when I told them the baby would be here before they succeeded to get a line in. They being men said they would beat me so kept sticking holes in my arms. I won!

    We then had to try and name him as we had no boys names. Everyone thought he was going to be a she and we had not being able to agree on a boys name. We had to make a lengthy decision and I didnt let dh leave until we had named him. My little girl will now always be spoilt as she is the only little girl in all aspects of the family at the moment! She definately will be the only one in our little (well not so little any more) family!

    Hope everything is going well and you are enjoying your new bundle
  • Congratulations, I was just coming to post that my lovely little boy Jacob arrived 21st June at 01:21am he was 9 days late and weighed 8lb 2oz which was quite a suprise as my bump was so small lol, I'm loving being a mummy he's been such a good baby so far xx


  • Congratulations on the birth of your little boy and born on summer solstice as well.
  • Comgratulations on the arrival of your wee man nevada doodles


    And yes syntocinin is a bit of a killer I went from 0 to full on contractions ( 3 in 10 minutes) within about half an hour and having not gone through labour before as dd1 was a planned section it was a bit of a shock! I vomited 3 times ones the contractions kicked in and was too late to use TENS did about 4 hours on gas and air before asking for remyfentin but once the anaesthetist was ready an hour or solater and at only 3cm I dilated I opted for an epidural them within 4 hours I was fully dilated so it was magic for me!

  • Thanks ladies and congratulations to both of you too.

    My delivery wasn't the best I ended up needing forceps but before that I actually had no labour pains I got to 8cm and hadn't felt a thing, my waters went I'd had no contractions, I literally felt 2 pains which were 5 minutes apart so we went to the hospital and that's when she said I was 8cm, that was 9;45pm, I got to 10cm by midnight and was pushing for an hour but everytime I contracted Jacob's heartbeat dropped, they used the forceps as contractions were slowing, Jacob's cord was round his neck but as soon as he was out he cried right away and his score was 9,10,10 so very pleased image

  • No have not had my baby yet but we did find out she is a little Girl and we are going to name her Irelynn Kenzie.  I love the name and that is going to be her name boyfriend's name is Ken so that is where we are getting Kenzie from.

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