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Standing unaided!

Hi everyone,

Well just over 2 weeks ago Ellie started walking along with her little walk along pram after seeing my nephew doing so. She takes it everywhere and it's like a wee mini zimmer frame which is very cute! Over the past few days she has been standing unaided but when I take her hand for her to walk along with me she throws a hissy fit and sits down and crawls off!

I obviously don't want to force her to walk when she's not ready but it seems as though she knows what she should be doing she's just not able to do it if that makes any sense? I want to help and encourage her so any hints and tips would be great!

Lauren xxx


  • hiya, sounds like she is comming on fab, if she is standing on her own the it wont be long before she takes her first steps, and then watch out!!! freya has become a real maddam since she started walking, but it is soo sweet to see her tottering along she looks so tiny, bless. xxxx
  • hiya Lauren...

    how is she doing??? If you have you and another person she your mum or a good mate..then one of you hold her and put her in direction of other person. The 2nd person open their arms and encourage her to come to them. she may/may not but it is good game anyway. She will walk in her own time and soon you will be wondering why you ever encouraged it..lo..

    how are you doing?? hows things with her dad? hope you ok and fulfilling some of your New Year requests...

    take care

    d x
  • Dee...Court case was adjourned for 8 weeks because ellie's feeding is still totally up the left and she was refusing to eat for anyone apart from me and even what she was taking was wick! She's OK around him and has fun but she messes about something shocking I think to see what she can get away with and she always ends up looking for me after 5/10 mins even though i'm usually in the same room or not far. She's great with him when we're in my house but not so good in his.
    I'm on the whole doing a lot better, NY resolutions gone to pot the flat so delighted about that and had my 23rd bday yesterday so out this weekend to celebrate which will be good!

    As for Ellie's walking she took 1 whole step then gave up but she is definitely getting there, will take off in her own good time! Not sure about these cruisers/walkers shoes don't know if it's worth spending ??30 odd quid on shoes that will only last her a matter of weeks then she'll need walkey ones...any suggestions girls?
    Lauren xox
  • Happy birthday for yesterday lauren!!!! hope that yuo have a good night out at the weekend

    Cruisers are fine for when they are walking as the soles are hard enough to be worn outside, but i wouldnt pay the ??20 for shoes for babies that cant walk yet either. im lucky as we have a clarks factory outlet near us so i get them there i have paid ??10 for both pairs of freyas, but some times you can get a real bargin, phoebes first pair of clarks shoes cost me ??3. mothercare do some quite good ones for less, also i expect that clarks will have a sale in a few weeks to get rid of their winter stock and they often have them half price then, i am such a bargin hunter i have only ever paid full price for one of phoebes pairs of shoes, they are just so expensive and they are out of them in 5 minutes. xx
  • i am a bargain hunter too i'd much rather get more things for the same price as one or two things! will probably wait until their sale and also i'm sure ellie will get money for her bday so might buy her a pair then if she's walking! mothercare have some really pretty ones....i feel a shopping expedition coming on! xx
  • I have just bought 2 pairs of cruisers on ebay totalling just ??9 altogether!!! Definately worth a look!
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