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nappy free for a week now! woohoo!

freya has now not worn a nappy in the day time for a whole week! she is doing so weel im really plaesed with her. i just took her naapy ogff for a bit last sunday not really intending to start training propperly, but she got on so weel i decided to go for it and she has not looked back. im still letting her run around bare bottomed at home and then using traing pants when out, but even when out she has been asking to go! yay!



  • Oh wow! Well done Freya. That's really good and sounds pretty painless for all of you!

    I think we still have a way to go with our little man. We're going on hols in May so def not planning to try before that, but I can really evisage him still not being ready over the summer. The next baby is due in Sept so I can see us leaving it until the end of the year or after Christmas if I'm honest! We shall see. Maybe he'll be ready sooner than I think x
  • wow well done Freya. Thats great hope its that easy with Erin. Like Makka Pakka we're going on holiday in March so not going to do it until after, i have a week off in May and nothing planned so maybe I'll make that potty training week xx
  • Well done Freya that's fantastic!
    Ellie has been telling me when she needs to go for a wee wee or poo poo but when I take her nappy off for her to do it she pees on the floor after sitting on the potty for 2 mins!

    Think we'll leave it unti I have some time off & we can just go straight into it! Ellie won't be 2 until the end of March so still a bit of a baby in my eyes lol xxxxx
  • that is really good! Well done You and Freya!

    Amelia is probably ready but I am too lazy!!! She will go on the potty no problem and loves having big girl pants on! I am following the Gina Ford nappy training guide and at the moment we are doing the whole teaching to dress/undress, pull pants down etc.. Once she has mastered that I will do the potty bit!

    d x
  • dee actualy that is a good idea to teach them about pulling pants up and down first, freya still has truoble with her pants, its ok when out as she will tell me and i will take her and pull her pants down, but if we are at home she takes herself off for a wee and forgets to pull her pants down!!! x
  • Oh Dear

    I had recently posted this in the potty training forum

    Hi All

    DS (23months old) just wants to take his pants and nappies off and roam about half naked in the house holding his Willie and weeing every where but not in his potty... I can't get him to wear his nappies or pants back on as he takes them off again... how do I train him or are there some hints I am missing upon?

    Last week we were blessed with our daughter and ever since he is becoming a real monkey in the house... am already struggling with both the toddler and baby.. and now having our carpet, sofa, bed being done wet on purpose by a lil monkey is just too much to handle imageimage pls help


    I thought lo wants to annoy me or something.. I wanted to delay his potty training becoz of the new arrival.... he already used to tell me when he wee'd on the floor and he shows me when he wants to poo... he readily will get into his night time nappy but day time nappies are nightmares ...

    Is this his way of telling me that he no longer wants to be in his nappy and is ready to be potty trained? can anyone help me pls

    Flickaty congratulations! you have nearly got there image all the best for the rest

  • it could be, lots of little ones go through a stage of wanting to be naked. if he is weeing every where then he may not be ready to be propperly trained. but if you dont mind a bit of wee on the floor it will help him to be more aware of when he is/needs to go and the rest should follow.

    Freya has had very good controll from quite an early age, but when i first started to train phoebe she used to wee every where!! until one day it just clicked and she started to wee in the potty all the time
    i can imagin how hard it is with a new baby to follow him round getting him to use the potty. try not to stress about it, he will get there. xxx
  • Well done Freya! That is great news! You'll save a fortune on nappies lol!

    Olivia is no where near ready yet - I can kind of work out when she's going to go for a poo and i'll ask her if she is and she'll say yes. Then when i ask her if she's going to use the potty she says no! Cheeky Monkey!

    Keep up the good work! xx
  • Thanks for your post n reply Flickaty... today I have been taking lo every 45 mins to the toilet n he is weeing in the commode wow.... I think he was ready quite early for his potty training and we delayed it by forcing him to wear his nappy until he had to so forcefully deny it by being naked! dont know where to go about from here ... but n e suggestions will help from you ladies?? sorry to use your thread to cover up my probs.. but it has been helpful to me in realising somethings I have missed on...

  • hi
    I am not a huge Gina Ford fan but her nappy book is my bible!

    she says never use pull ups as it confuses them! Either nappies or pants. she also advises against letting them have nothing on their bottoms as they need to feel the wee in the pants to realise what the wet feeling is.

    Another thing I like from the book is a special cushion. She says buy a cheap one or use an old one. Take out the middle and wrap in a plastic bag and then put it back in the cover. When you are out and about or if sat watching tv etc then tell them to sit on their special cushion. Then if they wee it will not soak your carseat, pushchair etc... it also is supposed to give them the confidence to be out with no nappy on!

    I am at the stage of helping her pull pants up and down, empty the potty (and wave goodbye to her wee/poo) and wipe her bottom/wash her hands.

    The book says never tell them off for accidents, never say smelly/dirty poo/wee and try to stay calm (easy for Gina Ford to say lol)

    It is worth buying as its full of case studies. So long as you ignore her holier than thou attitude then you will enjoy reading it.

    good luck to all you brave ladies out there

    d xxx
  • thanks lara, im am really proud of her, im soo amazed how easy it has been with her she has pretty much just done it her self!

    tbh dee im not a fan of pull ups either, i think that they are a bit confusing, i just buy one pack at the start of potty training just for those first few outings. i never finnished the pack i brought for phoebe, i think that they are still in the loft!! and for the last 2 days freya has just been in her pants and trousers all the time and so far so good, so will have another unfinnished pack of pull ups in the loft! xxxx
  • When I was nappy free, I immediately was of into training pants, before potty training and pants! That's why my training pants too became my pee pants! 
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