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Christmas Pressie Ideas!

Hi ladies,

There's been so much going on over the last few months that i feel i haven't given the thought of Christmas the time i normally would lol! Am struggling with ideas for Miss Olivia (given that Miss Abigail already has pretty much everything going!).

So far we have got her:-

The pink garage from ELC.
The pink Happyland starter kit from ELC.
The Happyland storage box.
A talking 'George' from Peppa Pig.
Pyjamas from the Disney Store.
Peppa Pig pants, socks and vests.
A Peppa Pig night light/torch.

What are the rest of you planning on getting? I want to get her some slippers from Clarks but wanted to leave that nearer to Christmas and a dress up fairy outfit from ELC as well as the pink spotty teaset. Also considering on getting a TV/DVD combi for her bedroom. Only because Abigail has one and i can't remember the last time she watched it but if she did decide to wake at 5am one morning at least its there!

Writing it all down i don't look like i'm really struggling do i?! LOL! But would still love to hear all your ideas so i can pinch some! :lol:



  • we are getting sam a cozy cope for his main present. would also like to get him a wooden garage and some animal puppets not sure what else
  • Wow Claire! That's a pretty impressive list already image

    I really like things like teapots and cake sets. All the fake food stuff really. My 4-year-old niece loves all of that but I think Samuel would be chuffed to bits with a teapot set.

    Apart from that I have no idea about girls' pressies sorry but I'd love to have an excuse to go Peppa Pig crazy. I might invest in some brother George bits and bobs for Samuel. Dinosaurs..... ra!!

    In my head, I'm determined not to go crazy as he's not even 2 yet and will be happy with very little. But there are so many things I'd love to buy.

    We've already bought a trike with parent handle from morthercare. My hubby wants to get a pushalong car too as he hijacked this boy's one in the park and loved it. It's from Toys r Us. I also wanna buy a mini Henry hoover as he's obsessed with our big Henry. I'm going to ask someone else in the family to buy him a shopping trolley as we've had a couple of very trying Asda experiences lately and I think it might help as he gets bigger. We've bought a mini In the Night Garden set in the sale too for his stocking. Socks.... satsuma....

    Must stop there. Note to sefl - do not go mad buying too much stuff!

    J x
  • Claire that sounds a lot...
    Amelia has from Santa..

    mop, brush and dustpan
    Baby Millie doll (her namesake)
    happyland store box
    happy land rosebud or cherry tree (?) cottage
    happy land fun fair
    ITNG books
    peppa pig pj's
    ITNG torch

    others getting her a pram, the caravan to match the happy land thing, fisher price talking t set, a laptop from ELC, talking piggy bank and bits and bobs (how the hell we are getting it all back here is up for ideas on a postcard please)

    Seen the most beautiful dress for Xmas day from mamas and papas... lovely!!!!

    ho ho ho

  • I've just finished my santa shopping and got a few bargins so I'm pleased!

    Thomas train set (half price)
    Mega bloks table (??10 off)
    Keyboard and microphone (half price)
    Thomas chair for living room
    mega bloks truck
    2 DVDs
    Mr Potato head and friends (half price)
    2 books
    Rubber ring for swimming (roary)

    Sounds like you're all doing well too! Claire that sounds plenty I think! I've just got his christmas day outfit to get and his christmas eve jammies.
  • Hiya
    this is the dress I have fallen in love with AND money off so I am ordering it as I type to you (multi skilled)

    she does not suit the dark winter colours as she is so pale.

    There is a coat in monsoon too that I just have to have for her. After 3 boys I deserve to treat my pink

    d xxx
  • noooooooooooooo they dont have her size nooooooooooooooooooooooo

    d xxx
  • maybe they'll get it back in#?
  • Oh Dee!! I LOVE that dress. I have total girl envy now. Can't believe it's out of stock. Nightmare!

    Well Samuel and I went and did some proper Christmas shopping this morning. It was just lovely.

    I hadn't even heard of Happyland until I read your posts but it's 20% off in ELC at the mo and I really liked it. I've bought him the Goosefeather Farm as he's animal crazy. Also bought some wooden food to go in shopping trolley which I've asked sister-in-law to buy.

    It's November tomorrow. Santa is coming soon!!! So excited!!!!!
  • sounds like you have a fair bit for her already!
    freya and phoebe are getting a tv and dvd combi thing to share, its much more for phoebe but as they share a room i though it should be for both of them as freya willl use it when she is older.
    other than that i have got her:

    the happy land caravan
    a travel cot for her doll
    a set of in the night garden figures
    a mega sketcha
    some dolls clothes
    some bath toys
    a set of puzzles

    i am giong to get her some books and an in the night garden dvd. it hink thats it. xx
  • Wow! Happyland sounds very popular! I think we'll be getting Ruby some of that then! I love that you can add to it.

    We have decided on:

    Easel (the pink wooden one in ELC - matches her table)
    Pink wooden ELC kitchen (from the in-laws!)
    Pink wooden cupcakes and stand to go with kitchen
    Pink keyboard ELC (Ruby went crazy for this yesterday when we went in there and played on it for aaaages!)
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (The actual clubhouse - Argos - she's MM MAD!!!!)

    We're doing her a stocking too and have bought some books that i've been picking up when cheap in Tesco and i'll pop a magazine or two in there, some stickers and a tube of milky bar buttons.

    There are so many gorgeous things though. I really could go crazy!!

    Everyone has some great ideas.

    Thanks for the Happyland tip!! xx
  • im totally stuck on ideas for Luke he farma dn tracto rmad so we have brought him a huge tractor and trailer and a farm set with mini tractor etc. He doesnt watch tv at all. Even at creche they have a tv hour and he just plays by himself and has no interest so he doesnt watch anything and has no other real interests. If anyone has any other ideas for stocking fillers i'd greatly appreciate it.
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