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Xmas plans and traditions

Hi Ladies

Just thought would start a thread about what we are all doing for Xmas! also, what traditions you have started/continued with your lo?

We as you all prob know by now (since I have gone on and on about it!!!!) are flying home on the 14th Dec till 5th Jan. We have a beautiful cottage booked and she is even putting up a tree for me! We have a few traditions that we try to keep going.

I always took Lauren and Chris on the Santa train when we lived at home so I have booked it for the 19th Dec for the 3 lo's. Its an old steam train that takes you on a ride and while its moving you go to the front carriage where Santa is waiting to see you and give a gift. Its lovely as they serve mulled wine and mince pies....yum!!!!!!!!

New pj's always for everyone and slippers and D gown. These are given Xmas Eve night so we all look lovely for Xmas Day piccies! God forbid you see me in my grey grubby old ones! We do the essential leaving a letter, mince pie and glass of brandy for Santa.

This year tho is a bit different as my brother along with lauren are taking the 2 boys to a Xmas Eve panto! Peter Pan! Means they will leave at about 4.30 and not be home till about 9! This is great news as means I can collect all the pressies from my sisters and get them swrapped and put out for the morning!

Xmas morning we always open pressies first and then sit down to bacon butties, croissants, bucks fizz etc....

Xmas lunch is at my sisters house who is a lush cook!

Boxing Day is Daddy Day...he goes off for football match on the morning and then to watch it on the afternoon. I have no plans to see him all day :roll:

Sunday the 27th we are going out for lunch with the in laws and SIL. The in laws live in Cheshire so they are arriving Boxing Day afternoon so this will be the first time I will see them. We will exchange gifts at the lunch. Then OH and I are off to see a Peter Kay tribute with a large group of mates. looking forward to it a lot!

I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!



  • This sounds lovely Dee. I like your pyjama idea. Might have to pinch that one! I need some new slippers anyway.

    Our Christmas plans change every year as we swap between my family and in-laws.

    For the first time this year, we're having Christmas dinner at home! It'll be just the 3 of us in the morning although we're meeting friends ad toddlers in the park to try out new trikes / cars etc. Then back to ours for Samuel's sleep followed dinner and all the trimmings. Then we'll head off to spend late afternoon and eve with my parents, sister, 2 brothers, SIL, nieces and nephew, I think they're getting a Wii so it should be a good laugh.

    DH is sadly working on Xmas night but it's good overtime. Then after he's had a kip we're all off for boxing day lunch followed by panto on 26th.

    We're seeing the in-laws early this yera as we spent Samuel's first Crimbo there last year. It was nice actually as my MIL is super organised so I barely had to lift a finger last year.

    Ho, ho, ho.

  • sounds like you are all going to have a fab time!

    we have a couple of traditions that we will be sticking to, we always sprinkle magic raindeer dust in the bach garden so that theycan see wheer to land, and leave a mince pie out for santa. The kids father christams pressies in our room while we try to wake up! then we go down stairs and open some pressies then have breakfast and open the rest.

    i think that we are staying home for christmas this year which will be nice just the 4 of us.

    phoebe has her first nativity play at school this year! she is an angel, i cant wait to see her!! x
  • have restored my faith in Xmas... yay a nativity.

    I always always cry when I see one even if my kids are not in it. lauren was an angel when she was about 6...I cried buckets. it is so lovely and I am sick of schools not doing it so they dont upset the non christian community...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Oooooo I love Christmas! We've sold our house and are due to move in with the mil the week before Christmas (yes, I am officially bonkers on both counts!!) so not sure how we'll go with traditions this year but this is what we usually do:
    On Christmas Eve the kids hang stockings and leave a glass of Baileys and some chocolate (for Mummy Christmas) and whiskey and a mince pie (for Daddy Christmas) plus a carrot and some milk for Rudolph. We always take a piccie of them sat under the tree so can see how they've grown each year~ahhhhh! When they've gone to bed we take a bite out of the carrot and drink the rest of it lol!
    When they're asleep we get a Chinese takeaway with our bestest buddies who are currently our neighbours but not sure what we'll do this year as mil lives 20 miles away.
    Christmas morning the kids open their stocking pressies in our bed then we all pile downstairs for the big present reveal. Open some pressies then have smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and a cheeky bucks fizz for brekkie then before opening the rest of the pressies.
    Get ready, pick which of their new toys they're taking then go to my parent's house for lunch and more pressies. Dad's the best cook and it's always delish with plenty of vino pinko! Bring a goody bag home with us for snacking on later and watch a DVD once the kids are asleep. Though, to be fair, I'm usually asleep myself by half 8!!!
    Boxing day is always at the OH's mum's so at least we won't have far to go this year. More food and booze!
    We've got our first Christmas party this weekend then it's Joe's nativity next week, he's a Wise Man and very proud of his lines!! If it weren't for all the boxes that we've still to pack I'd be feeling very festive after writing that epic!!!!!!

  • Loving your photo under the tree idea CB! Sounds like you have a nice boozy Crimbo ahead.

    I agree Dee - Nativity's rule. I was Mary and LOVED every minute of it. Quite a few of my friends were when I grew up. I always wanted to start a band called 'Mostly Marys'.

    Fortunately, I think the whole politically correct Seasons Greetings Happy Holiday malarky is starting to go out of the window a bit. I was so chuffed to see Royal Mail do some gorgeous traditional religious-looking Christmas stamps this year.

  • It'll need to a boozy one MP, only thing that's going to keep me half sane living with the mil for 10 weeks lol!! Bizarrely I only got to play Joseph in my school nativity. Between that and one of the teachers calling me young man the decision to grow my hair was an easy one!!!!
  • Ha, ha, ha... how bizarre you were Joseph! Were you at an all girls school?

    OMG didn't know you'd taken the plunge and decided to live with MIL for 10 weeks, Yes drinking seems like a wise solution.

    I guess you can just plan lots of things out and away from the house. Can you take a break one weekend and go and visit friends away maybe? At least you'll have babysitters on hand!

  • Sadly it was a mixed school so I can't even use that as an excuse!! Living with the MIL is going to save us so much money that it ended up being a no brainer to rent. We get on great and the kids adore her but how we'll go on for 10 weeks remains to be seen. We have got lots planned, told OH that there'd be no lazy weekends for the forseeable and tempted to book flights to Switzerland to stay with my brother over half term. Am in the process of collecting spare keys to all my friend's houses, told them I'll tidy in return for sanctuary and coffee!
    Shame it's not summer and we could move into our caravan for a couple of months!
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