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He won't eat any more!

Samuel was always a really good eater but we're really struggling at the moment. I know he's been ill, and that probably plays a large part, but he was getting really fussy before he got ill too.

He doesn't want to sit in his highchair and any more and usually screams if we try to put him there. He also doesn't want proper meals. He will graze at bits of bread and butter, fruit, yoghurt and the occasional omelette (at which I throw a party in sheer happiness), but he just won't eat cooked meals any more. I'm forever throwing lovingly prepared meals in the bin and I'm beginning to give up now and just feeding him a diet of those puches of fruit puree, banana and bread coz that's all he wants.

Tonight I asked him if he wanted to eat in front of the telly instead and he nodded which I thought was really hopefuly. He ate two mouthfulls of fish and two batons of carrot and that was it while I polished off a plate full. Still, better than recent efforts where he just says "no, no, no, no, no".

I do think he's probably still not hungry after being ill but another part of me thinks the days of him eating a nice balanced meal are long gone.

Anyone else having food problems at the mo? Any magic tips? We do eat together at least half the week which is supposed to help. I don't think he's teething either but I could be wrong.

Maybe I'm expecting too much. He's drinking enough fluids and he eats something every day, and his weight is good. He's still quite chunky in fact athough Lord knows how on the amount of food he eats.

I don't make a fuss about him not eating as I don't want it to become an issue, but inside I'd be so happy if he's eat something hot for a change!

J x


  • sounds like you are doing every thing right, they go through fussy fazes. i would just keep giving him the things that you know he will eat and just add some different bits into them. it is probably partly to do with him being ill and once he is propperly better his apetite will pick up again. xx
  • hiya
    i think the fact he has been so ill will be a huge part of this. When I am ill I can go off food for ages....unfortunately I (as my mum used to say) lose my appetite but find the one of a pig..... ha ha

    Amelia will not go in her hi chair. I bought one of those chair booster things and she loves it. She feels like she is sitting with us at the table.

    I find distraction helps loads when they are like that. I put ITNG on and just shovel it in...

    So long as he is drinking I would try not to worry too much. Just dont fall into the trap of him not eating meals ever..its easily done! Try not to give him snacks inbetween so he builds up a real appetite.

    d xxx
  • Thanks guys - so helpful.

    You are all absolutely bang on the money- he was still ill (or teething) which is why he was refusing food.

    He had 3 nasty nappies yesterday but I think he's cleared out his little system a bit as he was back eating today. Hurrah! Not full amounts but I can see his appetite is coming back. Plus he had a bit of bollognaise sauce, cheese, kiwi and shreddies today which he's been completely rejecting for the last month.

    You think by now I'd be able to spot the fact that he's stil ill and not just being difficult. Oh I'm still learning!

    Oh yeah Dee - Samuel prefers his travel/booster seat too. I think I'm gonna fold away the highchaire for a bit x
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