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So far today I have.............

put my mobile in the dryer (realised quickly and it seems ok)
washed beautiful pink stuff with a stupid black t shirt. Pink stuff a little grimey to say the steeping in bucket with Biotex
put deodrant on my tooth brush
got in the shower with my bra on...I felt really strange till I looked
tried to lay charlie down to put a nappy on him (he is 4)

think I need to go to bed..

I fly tom night :\( HATE IT. I hate flying so much. 8 hours with 3 little kids. chris who is 16 will be with me but he is still a kid really and is not good at settling the kids etc. gulp!!!!!!

Nearly packed but its the last minute things I hate like toothrushes, hair things, makeup etc.. trying to travel light as I have soooo much to bring back. ALL santa pressies etc...



  • Hahaha!! Love it! You must be tired! How on earth do you pack santa? That must be hard!!! Enjoy your trip!
  • haha dee sounds like the sort of thigs that i would do!!!!
    hope that you have a good flight, i dont envy you, i hate flying too. xx
  • That's hilarious. Bless you. I so don't envy the flight. I hope they have some good films for the little ones! Have a great trip and try to pop on and say hello when you're back here on the little island x x x
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