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Do you think im MAD!!!???

Sorry not on a lot, and not replied to many topics, but just dont get chance lately! Hope everyone is well xx
Well, we are going to pick up our puppy on Saturday!!
We have picked a labrador, black one, will be 7 weeks old. He is sooo cute.
We wanted to get one before Aimee was born but we was always working, now one of us is always home.
I really wanted a dog to grow up with Aimee as i had a red setter when I was born til i was 12. Just hope I can handle it now Aimee is mobile!! She will love it, but think i may have a breakdown, ha! x


  • awww i have two dogs both boys, my youngest is my 1st dogs puppy and was actually conceived around same time as my son lol! obviously dogs pregnancies are only like 60 days long so he was 7 mths when my baby was born. They are alot of hard work as puppies and the only thing i would be carefull about is pups can be very nippy and their teeth are quite sharp so just be carefull with LO around pup. Obviously you want them to interact quite early on so as they get used to each other, im sure aimee will love it! My son crawls around chasing my two and grabs them, climbs on them the lot! I feel sorry for them, they kind of give you the sad puppy dog eyes like "please make him stop" but they are so good with him, couldn't fault them at all!
    good luck!
    charlie x
  • I think your a bit mental but I just couldn't be bothered with the extra hassle however I think it's a lovely idea & I am sure Aimee will love the pup! Most dogs seem to like babies/kids so you should be OK...good luck image xx
  • we got our dog molly when phoebe was 3 months. it as hard work when she was a puppy as she went through quite a long chewing stage, but she has calmed right down and its nice we have her to grow up with the kids. x
  • aaarrrggghhhh....i think your mad!! lol...just kidding.....we too have a black lab!! (we also have a border collie). The black Lab is called Missy and oh my gosh she a very typical labrador!! very lively! She is the nicest dog in the world but the only down side to her is she jumps and gets very excited all the time. (she is 2 years old now. In her defence though she is very gentle around Mia so thats good. Any questions the feel free to ask! im sure she will be a fab addition to the family!! x
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