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just thought would start this so Mez can come on here and chatwithout it been in her name!!!!!..................... and anyone else..

Fri 24th

Its the weekend here so we are off to a party at a indoor theme park. hate them as they are so noisy. At least kids are occupied for a few hours. Started slimming world again. I have lost a stone but need at least another 2 off. Its much harder here as its not easy to get hold of free food like Qark, Quorn etc... hmmmpphhhh

Just booking Lauren and Chris's flights to come for Xmas. They are coming the 15th Dec till the 4th jan....yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have booked a large room at our local club and we have invited friends with little kids only. This way if any kid has a wobbler it wont matter. Just devising the menu and going to meet with the other mums involved on Tues night to sort out who will get what etc.. plan on having a activity table, mat with toys for little ones and presents from Santa under the tree. Will be lovely as I love going out but hate the looks you get if the kids get a bit wild...FFS its Xmas Day...

Going to meet my mate later who had her baby in June. My mate had Polyhydramionus (excess water) and when Lily was born she was not great. The pressure of the water in the womb meant she could not move much and therefore a lot of her muscles were not developed. She is doing so well now tho. She cant hold her head and still is a bit floppy but every day she improves. By 6 months the physio thinks you wont be able to tell. She is so luch and I love cuddling her.

We went out Wed night as it was our 18th wedding anniversary. We met 24 years ago but married after having Lauren. It was lovely. At 9.15pm the waiter brought over a bottle of champers as it would have been 2.15 in St Lucia and that was round about the time we said I DO.. very romantic. Also got huge boquet of beautiful flowers.

Other than that a quiet weekend for us. Andrew is off away for 10 days after the weekend so I may nip back to bed later for a few hours rest. ....

The kids are in front of tv watching Shorts the movie. OH in bed (his turn :evilimage and I am about to get off my ass and make a cuppa ....

d x


  • Ohhh, well I haven't been up to that much other than adjusting to two and having sleepless nights. She is getting better but I am still up twice, and that doesnt include the dream feed! Not like Lucas at all! We did go to ITNG Live this week and it was fantastic!!! If anyone is near birmingham its on there in a few weeks and I know how to get half price tickets. Anyone who is on fb might have seen my photos. Even hubby and I enjoyed it lol!!! Kara is coming on really well and is now 8 weeks. She had her first jags this week and was a little off but is now back to her usual self.

    Lucas is getting on better with his speech but still not great compared to others his age. The speech and language service has been crap quite frankly. Suppose to have another appointment coming up and they haven't sent one out!!! Grr!!! Here's a pic:

  • Great idea Dee and fab picture Nic! Not much happening with us, J's back at school and settling into yr1 really well. Can't believe he's such a big boy (with the attitude to match at times!) now, seems forever ago that he was E's age! Little missy is such a character, totally independent, never stops talking and giggling and can throw the mother of all tantrums when she feels like it. She most definately does not like the 'no' word!
    My oh's worked 2.5 solid weeks of stupid hours, nights away and driven about a zillion miles so we've got a chilled weekend planned. Need to get J an outfit for our friends' wedding next month, want to put him in a suit but not paying ??????60 for the one I've seen in Next! The kids and I are meeting up with my buddy and her little man at a play area while the men do car related things later.
    It was our anniversary last week too, 14 years of unmarried bliss lol, so we're off out for a meal tonight while granny has the kids. Looking forward to actually having some grown up time and catching up with him, daft as that may sound!
    Dee your idea for Christmas sound fabulous, would be gatecrashing if we weren't so far away! We've got my parents, brother and oh's family coming to ours. Would much prefer to go to my parent's like we usually do but mum's health has deteriorated this year and think dad's starting to feel his age as a result of working full time then coming home and being her carer so we're doing the grown up thing and having it here. God knows where they'll all sit as our dining room ain't that big!!!!! Lara, think you're right to want a fuss about your bday. You've been through loads lately and really deserve to be pampered. I loved my 30th though it seems a lifetime ago. Went out for a meal with loads of friends and oh has trimmed the room and the table up (most unlike him!) Was the best night!
    Well I now have 2 small creatures demanding pancakes for brekkie so guess I'd better try and palm them off with ReadyBrek!!
    Nice to catch up ladies.
  • This is a great idea Dee. Its lovely to hear from everyone.

    I feel as though life is on hold a bit awaiting for new arrival, I have been quite stressed with things this week so i have had a really chilled week at home with few friends popping over but haven't done much else, feel a bit bad as Erin hasn't been out much, but I have really enjoyed it just being me and her playing together and she doesn't stop talking and bossing me about, spending a lot of time on our own also has reminded me how lovely she is and great company to be around.

    There is a lot we need to do, but nothing that would matter if bubs does arrive sooner rather than later. I need to sell my car that i love, but its a chev matiz and tiny so really not appropriate for 2 kids. I have had a sign in the window for months but not gone any further. We also ripped out our fire place a few weeks back and had new floor fitted we were told that to fit the new fire place would be easy but is proving harder than expected.
    I have put on so much weight in this pregnancy its ridiculous, i cannot wait to join slimming world and start losing it all again.

    Dee, i love the idea of your christmas. We take it in turns to have xmas at each others familes, and it is il's turn this year, hopefully if mil is talking to me by then! But i'm a bit worried about the smoking thing because they won't go outside to smoke and its there house, and after the recent row i don't want to cause more friction however i will have a newborn, and Erin had her asthma clinic appt this week on monday and they have now offically diagnosed her with asthma as she is now over two and half, which is apparently is when they will diagnose as opposed to referring to it as asthma episodes, iyswim. Anyway i thought perhaps if me and mil are talking by Nov when Erin has to go back for checks again, i might ask mil to come with me because I get on really well with the asthma nurse and she wants to meet the new baby, so i thought i could be a bit crafty and make it sound like i need her help taking both kids to the clinic could she come with me, cos atm she does not take erins asthma seriously at all she seems to think I over exagerate but when i leave the clinic i always feel like i'm too laid back about it so hoping she might feel that way too iyswim. (sorry dunno what is wrong with me once i start talking about mil its hard to stop my friends are sick to death of it)!!

    I love what you did for your anniversary so romantic. I hope your friends baby continues to improve, i had cuddles with my friends new born the other day I cannot wait to meet and have snuggles with mine, it still seems a bit sereal that i'm gonna have a 2nd baby soon.

    Lara I still cannot believe that you haven't had any answers after all you went through with Chloe this week, frustrating just doesn't cover what you must be feeling. I think you definately deserve a good celebration for your 30th, shame we cannot all come. I cannot wait to have a drink! esp in the last few weeks, although planning on bf'ing again so i guess i have a bit more waiting to do b4 i can reach that bottle of wine or vodka lol !! Hope all goes well with the house you should get me round yours, after 27 years of being messy and very anti housework I suddenly have been nesting and everything is pristine Paul cannot believe it! I even washed up a cup of his that he hadn't poured his drink into yet lmao!!

    Love the picture of Lucus and Kara they are so adorable. I guess i have all those sleepless nights waiting for me round the corner, i'm so tired atm its hard to imagine being up all night with a baby as well, but hopefully i won't be as tired once i'm not carry all this weight around with me (or at least i will tell myself that for now!) Its good to hear Lucus's speech is improving. Sorry that Kara had an offish week after her jabs glad she is better now.

    CB- Sounds like a chilled weekend is what you need with your oh working so much latley. Sorry to hear about your mum's health and it must be hard for your dad too, i dread the day i have to have xmas at our house, I have never had to do it yet we have space issues too. I'm sure you will have a great day and your mum and dad will appreciate you doing xmas at yours.

    Just read that through, didn't mean to waffle on that much lol. Just one more thing, we have 5 names for our baby really not sure what she will be called, can i have your opinons?

    -Alex (to be known as Lexi)
    -Charlotte (but i don't like shortened names for charlotte other than lottie when she is small)

    x x x x

    modified as i spelt freya wrong, oops better not do that on the day !!

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  • Great to hear back from so many of you..

    Mez I love all those names. IF I was pushed to elimate one or two I would say Fearne and Charlotte. I love the other 3. My fav is prob Isla then Lexi then Freya but its a close call.
    I think taking MIL to the asthma clinic with you is a fab fab idea. Maybe even call the nurse first and ask her to help you out by explaining asthma attacks and how dangerous they can be and also get her to go on and on about cigarette smoke and how dangerous this could be for E and the baby???? Surely after hearing all this MIL should be more sympathetic? Our IL's had a dog and I used to say that Chris could not go near it. They too thought I was fussing. However, when they visited him in hospital after a bad attack they started asking me what they could do to help? ermmm not have the dog near him????

    hope viewing goes well. I am sure your house will be gleaming! I love to smell fresh coffee and some nice candles when I view a house. It is supposed to confuse the brain (mine does not need much work to confuse it..ha ha ) so that it sees everything in a rose tinted way!
    I agree that your 30th should be celebrated with style. I was so upset at the airport leaving Chris and Lauren that Andrew bought me a Radley bag that I was admiring. It was cheaper than normal but still a lot. I have never been a bag lady (!) but I am really into the WAG bags. Just dont have the budget..

    LCC the picture is just beautiful. You have 2 lovely children. Amelia would love ITNG. Not close to Birmingham tho!!!! Hope you get somewhere with Lucas's speech. He might suddenly have a speech explosion. My middle sister did not speak till she was gone 3. They thought she needed to go to a Special School. It turned out she was listening and suddenly one day she would not shut up. Mum had not long had me and said her head was about to explode as Jane started
    to talk and never stopped.... lol

    CB mmmmmmmmmm pancakes.... !!!!! You are brave to do dinner. I have never in all my years done a Xmas dinner. We either go out or go somewhere. I am a stress head and know I would spoil Xmas stressing over dinner. Andrew has banned me from ever doing it..ha ha I am not arguing!!!!!!

    d xxx

  • lovely to hear from every one.
    dee, that is a fab idea for christmas, i would love to get every one together like that! im not sure what we are doing yet, either at home or we might go to the in laws as really it is our turn to go there.

    Mez, obviously i think that freya is the best name you have there!!! i also really like Isla. glad that you are all ready for little ones arrival, its so exciting i love other peoples baby news!!!

    cb, glad that j has settled back into school well and hope taht you ahve a fab meal tonight.

    lara, good luck with the house veiwing!!! you should have a cake baking in the oven when they come around, nothing sells houses like the smell of home baking!

    lc, that is such a cute pic of lucas and kara!! glad that you are settling into life with 2 little ones.

    As for us well we are doing fine. freya has started pre school as you know and is getting on well. She aslo started ballet lessons a couple of weeks ago. she absolutely loves it and looks super cute in her outfit!! she is absolutely hilarious at the momenet she comes out with such funny and quite grown up stuff, bless.
    phoebe is setting into year one nicely, its a big chnage for her as yaer one is spilt and she is the half that goes in with the year two's so its alot more strick and they have to stay in at lunch if the dont finnish their work, which i think is a little harsh as they are only 5!

    i am going on one of my very rare nights out next weekend, im really excited!!! im going to buy myself a new dress!! i am a little worried though as all the friends that i am going with live in town but i live in a village about 3 miles out so i will have to get the nippy bus back on my own! but never mind its worth it.
    i have a week off work this week yay!!!!! im so happy, i really need the braek as i havent had a week off since march and its starting to get to me!
    any way lovely to kjnow what every one is up to. im off to pick my sister up as she is comming over for the evening wea re going to watch shutter island, eeeeeeek. xxxxx
  • Just a quickie to say that, Mez, I'm loving Isla and Fearne, think they're beautiful names!
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