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How much milk does your LO have these days?

I remember hearing somewhere that they're supposed to drink a pint a day up to the age of 5. We're absolutely nowhere near that! Samuel will drink maybe 6 oz in the morning and he was drinking up to 5oz at bedtime, but he's barely touched his bedtime milk in the last week.

With cereal, he's probably managing 8oz tops a day. I might try offering him some milk with lunch as well.

I'm not really worried as we're so lucky with his eating. He eats a great mix of protein, carbs, fruit and veg and eats yoghurt and cheese which are good substitute for the milk. I'd rather him be a good eater and poor milk drinker at this age than the other way around.

Also, is anyone else still using bottles???? I've been promising to ditch my TT bottles for ages but they're so convenient and I still haven't done it. Plus we do a mix of cow's milk and Aptamil 1+ so its easier to measure it out in a bottle.


  • Lucas ditched the bottle for a advent magic cup at 11 months. He still has 2 9oz cups of milk a day plus 2 bowls of cereal and at least 1 yogurt and he loves cheese. I wouldn't worry too much. Some kids won't drink any milk at all so for him to still be drinking that is good. They get a lot from their food now too. I've just recently switched him to semi-skimmed and have never used formula since we ditched the bottles at 11 months!
  • Sam is exactly the Sam. We have only just dropped the bottles which he had first thing and at night. It has been a struggle to get him to have anything at night at all now. Our hv advises just to make sure they drik milk when the will and to supplement with other dairy products like cheese and yoghurt. By the sounds of it you are doing everything right.
  • i have been worrying that freya isnt getting enough now i have stopped feeding her. she loves cheese and yogarts but will not touch milk except on her cereal in the moring. so basicaly she has no milk! she seems healthy enough on it though so not too worried. xx
  • Thanks for the responses girls! I wasn't worried, but it's nice to compare notes about these things sometimes. It's so funny how different they all are in terms of how much milk they drink!

    I've been offering Samuel a bit more milk in a cup in the day and evening which is working at the moment, Maybe he's telling me it's time to ditch the bottle for good and realise he's not my baby any more!

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