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End of year updates please everybody!


Our little forum has been getting a little quiet of late so I thought it might be nice to all give a little round-up on our darlings as the end of 2009 approaches.

Well..... Samuel is an absolute legend at the moment. I do think he's a really good little boy on the whole and is becoming such great company. He's a typical boy and never stops smiling. His favourite passtimes including dancing to ANY music, diving onto me if I'm lying on the carpet, jumping off anything, and doing marching to 'the grand old duke of york' on my king size bed every night instead of letting me put his pyjamas on. He also adores animals, cars and dinosaurs. He also loves buggys and babies when we go to playgroup which I think is super cute!

His words are coming along quite well, although he's not as advanced as a couple of the other toddlers of his age. Some of his more festive words include "tree", "lights", "kissmass" (for father christmas) "baubles" and "pretty" whenever he sees a Christmas Tree. He can copy a few words and numbers in Welsh which is cool as he'll be going to Welsh school! He's also mastered please and thank-you now which we're delighted about.

He's still a good eater and sleeper most of the time although he's started to get up before 7 recently which I hope is a passing phase - I know that's not THAT early so I can't grumble image

All we need now is a BFP to give him a little brother or sister in 2010! He's quite into babies so I think he'd love it. We started TTC this month so keep everything crossed for us!


  • well Mia is growing up way too fast!!

    she is quite advanced for her age...well i think so anyway.

    her speach is fab, she can now put sentences together and is now capable of singing the chorus to alexandra burke - bad boys clearly! She loves cheryl cole and often asks for her lol! she started nursery 2 days a week and has learnt 'santa got stuck up the chimney', twinkle twinkle, and a couple of welsh songs.

    She is quite difficult to entertain as she would rather to adult things like cleaning than play with her toys. OH is not impressed by this as he thinks she will be a clean freak like me!

    She isnt a big eater and is still quite a bit smaller than toddlers in her group. weighed in on monday at just under 23lbs. Still wears 9/12month tops and is just fitting into 12/18mnths trousers. She is measuring 84.5cm tall. I think she will be a petite tlittle thing so am now too worried about this.

    Sleep wise she is still good. Bedtime is between 7-8pm and we usually manage to stay in bed until 7am so i'm happy with this.

    Think she almost has a full set of teeth...just a couple more on top to pop out.

    Looking forward to a fun filled christmas with her!!!
    Del xx
  • hi every one!! glad to hear the little ones are getting on so well.

    freya is comming on great. She is very energetic and in to every thing! you cannot turn your back for a second!!!!

    She loves playing with baby dolls, which she sings to and rocks them to sleep and is absolutely obsessed with my friend across the roads baby, any where we go she asks if he can come too, bless.
    Im sure that she is spring loaded as she jumps every where and is always prenting to ride a horse. she has a brilliant imagination and plays really well with little people and is always crawling round the floor pretending to be a dog.

    She can talk pretty well and can put a good sentance together, i dont know how many words she has but its well over a hundred. she knows a few of her colours, pink, yellow, blue and red and can count to 6 but yeasterday im sure i heard her do up to 10. and is very good with plaese, thank you and sorry.

    She is quite a stroppy little maddam and just loves to throw her self on the floor and have a tantrum where ever you are!

    She is still quite small about 80cm and about 22.5lb, i dont think that she is going to be very big.

    any way good luck to every one who is ttc, and hope you all have a lovely christmas. xxxxximage
  • Nice post! Here goes with MIss Lexi.

    She chats away great, no idea how many words but makes us giggle with what she comes out with her new name for me and daddy are, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig she adores Peppa Pig. Also says Kangaroo and Dinosaur perfectly which amazes me, can count to 15, think it's because we play hide and seek and she counts, her fav game. Loves singing songs atm and her fave is See Saw, trying to teach her Jingle Bells, She loves to interact and play with other munchkins and is good at sharing we are lucky as there are around 8 of us that have kept in touch from our antenatal classes. Tantrums are also upon us she know what she wants and how to get it lol, not fun! Totally loves her grub atm but not always the case so long may it continue, I love when she cleans her plate, weighs 23lb and is going to be tall like me. I can put her hair in bunches now and it's so cute, looks so big and grown up. I have always been a bit of a routine queen and it works perfect for Lexi, sleep is going well, bedtime at 7.30 and always ends up in our bed from 4.30 onwards but works for us not thinking about her big girls bed anytime soon as I like to know where she is when I put her to bed, she would have a ball mucking around I know. We normally get up for brekkie about 7.30 apart from the morings when we have a tight schedule thats when she wants her long lie, typical. Started peeing in toilet, got a little padded seat for her so we are off for two weeks from Friday going to go for the toliet training as we think she is ready. Says Love You all the time and gives lovely hugs and kisses, loving this age very much.
    Oh I have waffled anyhoo great to read how everyone is doing good luck to anyone ttc not for me just now, was thining about it but not for a while yet.

    Merry Christmas to everyone xx
  • Yay, great post, so nice to see how all our little toddlies are doing!
    I love this age, they're so much fun. Here goes my Evie update! She's a real chatterbox, still lots of babble but definate sentences starting to pop out now and then. Her fave phrases phrases atm are 'no way Joe Joe' to big bro and 'more garden pweeeeeese mummy' when she want ITNG on!
    She does one day a week at nursery and is really benefitting from the interraction with other lo's. Her favourite thing is singing and the trip home is usually filled with my tuneless rendition of twinkle twinkle or, if I can con Joe into it, he'll sing Jingle Bells with her.
    She's fascinated by all things festive, not got our tree up as we're moving house this weekend, but went to my friend's house last weekend and she was awestruck by the tree. Kept pointing and saying 'wow, pretty'. Can't wait to put ours up once we're in, it'll be first thing we do on Sunday! Loves Father Kissmass and I'm so exicted about seeing their faces this year, makes it all so magical.
    She's a good sleeper, 6.30pm-7am but keeps waking at 2ish wanting to play. Not sure what's brought it on but have cut back on her daytime nap and started doing CC when she does wake in the night. Hope it works soon, I have suitcases under my eyes! Finally, she's a total foodie, wolfs down whatever you give her apart from sandwiches. Don't know what she weighs but she's a solid little lady lol!
    Take care ladies, might not be on that much over the coming months but will say hi when I can! Off to bubblewrap more pictures now!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  • Oh my, starting to worry about Lucas now. Please tell me there are other march babies not saying much yet? He only says a few things like mum, dad, car, shoe bye and bed!

    He is a typical boy and is both very lazy and very energetic in equal measures. He would sleep all day but when hes up hes like a wee hurricane! He loves cars, or infact anything with wheels he can push around! He is a telly addict much to my dislike and will actually sit for a good half our in front of the box to give mummy peace!! Not proud of that but it all comes from him lol!

    He's 13.06kg whatever that is and has finally taken a stretch (hes always had short legs). He goes to bed at 7, climbs in himself too and wants you to name all his teddies before putting off the light. He is a right wee bookworm too and always brings me books and sits in my knee. Dunno how he isnt talking with all the reading we do! Think he just likes to take everything in. Although he doesn't really talk he does understand everything you say and can fetch you the remote (daddy taught him that one) or turn on his daddy's xbox!

    He also does "earmuffs" on command too (puts his hands over his ears) like they do in films so the adults can say something they don't want the child to hear- so cute!

    Think that's it really!!! Other than updating you on me. I am not 8+3 and have my 12 week scan on the 4th of Jan when I will be 11+1! Can't wait!!!

    Jo- hope you get your BFP soon xxx

    Everyone else- glad your wee ones are doing well!
  • Glad to hear all the March babes are doing so well!

    Nic - thank god i saw your post as i panicked too! Started to feel really bad like i've spent so much time worrying about Abigail that i'd completely missed a big problem with Olivia lol! She too isn't saying much. She sings all the time (not words) and is perfect singing along to twinkle twinkle and can count (without numbers) so tends to try and speak in rhythems rather than words - if that makes sense lol! She still has a 'dody' (dummy) so in hindsight perhaps this hasn't helped. She seems to call me 'nanny' and OH 'dody' so am a little concerned that she isn't hearing us very well. She understands perfectly though and gets across to us what she wants somehow!

    In all other respects she is doing great though. A real little bookworm who likes nothing better than to sit on my lap with a good book. A proper mummy's girl whose also pulling proper diva tantrums. Sleeps like a dream from 7pm till 8am with an 1 and half hrs in the afternoon. Nearly a full set of pearly whites and loves her fruit. Still in her cot (with now plans to change just yet) and no where near ready to try potty training yet. Remember trying Abigail at about 2 when we went through about 12 pairs of knickers in 3 hours and then again at 2 1/2 when she went instantly dry so will proper try leaving it till nearer then.

    She loves watching Peppa Pig, ITNG and Waybuloo. Loves to dance and sing and is very good at puzzles, shape sorters etc. Think she is going to be more of a quiet thinker like her dad!

    No plans to TTC just yet but good luck to those that are a healthy 9 months for those who have already succeeded!

    Merry Christmas to you all xx
  • Oh it's so lovely to read all your updates! All our little ones sound totally adorable.

    I'm with you Claire and LC. Samuel is still either single words or babbling sentences. Although he stratched himself to "blue coat" yesterday when I tried to put the green one on as he prefers his lightweight blue anorak and doesn't realise it's too damn freezing to wear it now! He's very active though and like a lot boys is more physical.

    I really don't think it matters or means anything whether a child develops late or early. I just think it's damaging if parents put pressure on their children or have unrealistic expectations, or get competitive or push them onto the next stage when they're not ready.

    Samuel still has his dummy too but I don't care if that's halted his speech a little as I think he's doing great. He's by no means perfect all the time! He coloured in the inside of the door of the tumble drier with green pen the other day which we only discovered after it destroyed a load of washing! One of his more amusing antics was that he'd put a custard cream in the compartment for the dishwashing tablets which we discovered late at night. Very funny - it's the right shape and everything!

    I don't know how I'll ever get rid of the dummy at bedtime you know. Nevermind - it's still a life saver during meltdowns for the time being!

    I think I just forgive all of his crazy antics because he's just so happy and so mch fun these days. I'm beginning to see why parents of older children say "cherish every moment as they grow up so fast".

    Well done again LC on the pg! Good luck with your scan in Jan and let us know how you get on.

    Nadolig Llawen / Merry Christmas everyone too!
  • Wow arent a lot of the toddlers doing well!!!
    Im the same guys after reading a few I thought there is no way im replying to this!!! Haha Then Nics post seemed to be more like Aimee!!

    Aimee is mumbling all the time. The only words she says are ball (to balls, baubles, balloons, moon, anything round!!), dog, nini (her Aunty), mama, dada, and cheese! Tho she only says mama and dada to photos of us, she doesnt say it to us!!?
    I wonder if anyone can give any tips of what they did? Aimee just doesnt seem to copy anything we say. She must hear the word drink about 20 times a day and still wont say it.

    Shes really into Inthe night garden, waybuloo, loose women (ha).

    Aimee is a real diva at the moment and we ethink she has starter the terrible 2s early. She has a tamtrum every time I say something she doesnt want to do. Even just, go downstairs or something. She cries, hits the wall, throws things. Good times! Tips here would also be useful!!!!!!!!

    Her walking is perfect and has been for ages. Shes now running and dancing all the time.

    Her favourite past time is dragging or pushing anything. She loves to carry bags and push her babas buggy and hold the dog when we go for a walk.

    Her sleep has always been good. She goes to bed at 8-8.30pm and sleeps to between 8-9am. This way shes see Daddy when he gets home from work for 20mins!

    We have bought her the happy land starter set and a kitchen for Xmas so hoping that when she gets this she will start to roll play and that will improve her speech. A lot of her toys are baby toys now.

    We are going to try again after summer, ideally I want a May-July 2011 baby. Haha. Heres hoping. It only took us 3 weeks to conceive last time we were very lucky.

    Its hard to get on here these days so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! Sure we will see some gorgeous pics!! xxx

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  • its really good to hear that all our not so little babies are getting on so well. they all sound like they are doing fab!

    i just wanted to say that i am so jealous of your good sleepers! is freya the only one who is still a complete pain in the bum? she does sort of sleep through most of the time, but 5 am is morning!!! i keep thinking it wont be like this for much longer, but she is 21 months now and still a pain!
    phoebe was soo good and slept for 12 hours from about 3 months, they are soo different.

    There is no way on earth i am ready for her to go in to a bed just yet, as it took her over an hour to settle to sleep tonight. Her and phoebe were jsut messing about they would cause havock if freya was on the loose!! i am going to get them bunk beds in about march time when she turns 2, hopefully she will be a bit better by then.

    any way hope that you all have a lovely christmas. xxxxxx

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  • Hi Ladies

    Hope you don't mind me posting, since I decided to stop lurking I really don't seem to have had the time to post but still avid reader of all your posts while I am up in the night as lo still doesn't sleep....

    My gorgeous little girl is doing so well and it is hard to remember her being so tiny after arriving eleven and a half weeks early, after reading all your posts I am still at a loss to decide if she is catching up to her actual age. She runs around every where at break neck speed and loves her five year old big sister to bits, she is a real little madam and can throw the most amazing terrible two tantrums already, a shock to me as my five year old was a complete angel!! My five year old gets quite concerned by her tantrums and the fact I ignore them even when out and about, she says it is so embarrasing!!

    Speech wise she does not sound as advanced as some but she has a lot of words and can string some together, I tend to understand a lot more than other people do. It is quite hard as by about this age I could have a proper conversation with my eldest so I do get a bit paranoid but it just proves they are all different and there is nothing to be gained by comparing them!! She is very affectionate and we definitely have a very strong bond which is perhaps due to the time I spent staring in to her incubator / cot while she was in Special Care. I currently have lots of pregnant friends and reading about those of you who are pregnant on here has made me a little broody BUT there is no way I could put us through another possible NICU journey (and I admire ladies like Mini Mum Maria who have done in twice in the last two years) It is an experience that will stay with me for a very long time and I think part of the broodiness is a desire to have a normal birth and a baby without feeding issues (eldest daughter was emergency c section to and only just over six pound and struggled to feed for first couple of weeks!)

    Sorry I seem to have waffled on, while we have had an amazing Christmas I have felt quite reflective and done a lot of thinking about how lucky we are to have a happy healthy nearly two year old. She still doesn't sleep through and suffers with her reflux and quite bad wind at the other end over night (sorry tmi!!) but after what could have been I do find it easier to put these problems into perspective! My goal for the new year is to finally give up the morning breast feed so I can actually send the kids off to my Mums so me and dh can get a much needed nights sleep!!

    Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have a very happy and healthy 2010 when it arrives (particularly Makka Pakka and Lemon Cupcake with your little Beans!!)

    Lots of love and Hugs

    Sleepy xx
  • Hi everyone,

    It's so lovely to hear all these updates on our beautiful March babies!!!

    Ruby isn't a great talker either. I was starting to worry but feel much better now i've seen that she's not the only one. She'll happily babble away in her own language, and some how i've always understoon what she wants, she's never got frustrated for me not understanding her. She learnt baby signing from 9 months so signs nearly everything which i'm so greatful for as would have struggled otherwise. She stayed with the Grandparents for the weekend recently and apparently got really upset as was clearly signing something and trying to say the word but they had no idea what she was saying! They showed me what she was doing and it turned out that all she was trying to tell them was that there was a tree (they were in the park!).

    She seems to have just exploded in the last 3/4 weeks though. She's gone from only saying Ma and Da to Nanny, James (Uncle), tree, car, ball, hot, yummy, night night, bye bye, daisy (ITNG!), and all the characters from Mickey Mouse CLubhouse shamefully!

    She can count perfectly to 13! Quite a random number but we've realised that she's picked up her numbers from us counting as we walk up the stairs and we only have 13 stairs! Lol!

    She know's all the main colours and LOVES the praise she gets from everybody so ends up going round the whole room telling us what colour everything is. Her fave game ever is walking through the car park at Tesco telling us what colour each car is!

    Sleeping is still a nightmare, although i've given up telling friends and family and just say that she's fine now! Lol! She'll be up about 5 times a night but only for a drink of water so it's a habit I need to break rather than anything else. We're moving house next month so i'll really go for it then.

    I don't think she's anywhere near ready for potty training. She never tells me if she's been and even if I can smell a number 2 she says that she hasn't! Menace!

    I think this has been the best age so far (although i've said that at every stage!) She's so much fun and can't get over how incredibly proud we both are of her!

    Wishing you all the best for 2010, and maybe some more BFPS!! WInk wink!!

    Lots of love xxxxxxxxx
  • hi there

    wow, it sounds like they are all doing great.

    Amelia is probably in the middle. Not as advanced as some though. My kids never talk early. They walk early (usually before one) but never talk too early. They catch up tho so dont worry those that have late talkers. Sometimes you find when they start they dont stop as they have been taking it all in.

    Amelia gabbles a lot but a lot of it could be a foreign language. She says all the kids names, her own, her friends etc. She can say things like " Melia go mammys car/ I get shoes/ I want peppa piggy etc.. she follows instructions and can point to things when asked. She knows pink and ellow (her name for yello) but thats it for colours. . She loves listening to the boys practise their reading and sits with a book and points to each word but obviously cant read it. She loves singing and dancing. Her fav is winkle winkle ickle star... lol You only have to show her something once and she has the hang of it. She loves jigsaws and looking after her baby dolly. She got baby maddy for xmas and is always putting her in her cot, in her pram, feeding her and then saying there there baby go cute to watch!

    She loved xmas and was very happy with what missmus brought (Father christmas) she loved the snow but got cold and brrrrrrrrr... was her fav word.

    She turns 2 on the 26th Feb..shocking! She is not yet 20lbs's but is doing fine. She eats well and is healthy. She is a little madam tho. She says NO all the time and crosses her arms in a strop. She pulls my hair, hits me when tired/frustrated. I put her on the floor and ignore till she says sorry. She says pees (please) tank u and orry! She is a character and keeps me on my toes. She still does not sleep through and NEVER has.... I am a walking zombie most days. She still BF's about twice at tnight and first thing in the morning and and before bed.

    Must go as outside but she has found the hose pipe and has soaked herself. Its warmer than UK here but still not warm enough to be wet... silly girl.

    lovely to hear how you all doing

    d xxx

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